Saturday, December 24, 2011

How Lady Gaga Used To Spend Her Christmas??

Lady Gaga's grandfather always decided when her family went to church during the festive period.

  Mother Monster is very close to her family and enjoys spending Christmas with them. She has done so her whole life and loves the rituals that have been built up.

'Christmas mass? Of course. Christmas Day. Sometimes Christmas Eve. It depended on the year and what Grandpa was doing. Grandpa always decided when we went to mass. He's not around anymore. He died two years ago this Christmas. But he always decided when we went to church,' she explained.


                                   Gaga also reminisced about her other memories of past holiday seasons.
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 Gaga and her sister Natali were always excited to see what presents they would receive and couldn't help getting up early in the morning.

'Well, my mom and dad used to leave cookies out for Santa. My sister and I would run down the stairs in the morning and Santa would always take a couple bites of the cookie, but he'd leave a little bit. He would drink all of the milk. There would be presents waiting for us,' she recalled to WW.

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