Saturday, December 17, 2011

What Was Britney's Gift To Jason Trawick For His 40 th Birthday???

Britney gifted her boyfriend Jason Trawick with a $45,000 motorcycle to celebrate his 40th birthday.

The singer, who also turned 30 this month is said to have bought a third generation X132 Hellcat from Confederate Motorcycles, according to Bang Showbiz.

As well as splashed out on the superbike Britney also spent nearly $1,000 on a leather jacket for Trawick to accompany his new ride.

Yesterday Britney hinted at her present on Twitter and told fans: 'Poor Jason he has less than 5 hours left to be in his 30s. I have a big surprise for him tomorrow. Xxoo (sic)'

The singer posted a snap of the new bike and one of Jason in his leather jacket to her Facebook page.

New ride: Britney is said to have splashed out $45,000 on this motorcycle for her boyfriend to celebrate his 40th birthday today

Jason is certainly in good company as Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are said to own earlier model bikes.

What do you think of Britney's gifts to Jason??

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