Monday, February 20, 2012

Shocking Statement By Whitney Houston's Ex-Chauffeur : "Whitney smoked crack in back of my limo as her daughter sat next to her playing with a doll"

Whitney Houston's former chauffeur has revealed the depths that the star sunk to as she was gripped by her drug addiction.

Al Bowman claims that Whitney was by far the worst behaved star he had in the back of his limo.

He claims to have driven Houston to run down ghettos to pick up crack from dealers, witnessing Bobby and Whitney having a threesome with an A-list soul singer and that she'd smoked crack in front of her daughter.

Al told the Daily Mirror: "I couldn’t believe my eyes, here was Whitney Houston in the back of my limo smoking crack with her six or seven-year-old daughter sat next to her playing with a doll, it was heart-breaking, out of control."

Al continues "I’ve driven some big stars over the years – Michael and Janet Jackson, Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue – but Whitney was by far the worst behaved."

"It was tragic to see. Here was this glamorous superstar adored around the world, but in the back of my car she was a rambling drug addict, a complete train wreck."

"It was so sad, I wanted to help her but she was just too out of control and wouldn’t listen to anyone."

He later added: "Their daughter Bobbi got into the limo with them. Then they would smoke crack right in front of her."

"Whitney would just say, "Baby, Mommy and Daddy are doing adult things", it wasn’t anything major to her."

This is absolutely inexcusable! Smoking crack in front of her own child??

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