Friday, June 15, 2012

Chris Brown And Drake: Explosive Aftermath Photos

The fight between Drake and Chris Brown was out of control and the explosive aftermath photos of the incident prove it.

A physical fight broke out between the two at WIP nightclub in New York City in the early hours of Thursday morning and sources state they were fighting over Rihanna.

"Drake and Chris Brown fought over Rihanna last night and it was insane!" an eyewitness claimed.

"Drake threw a bottle and things got really messy. Meek Mill was there with Drake and even threw the club's iconic face statue" the source added.

As evidenced by the explosive aftermath photos, the club was virtually destroyed in the wake of the fight. There's shattered glasses and bottles everywhere and champagne buckets knocked over.

"There was blood all over," an eyewitness revealed. "Both of their entourages got involved and it all got really out of control really fast. The club was unrecognizable afterwards!"

According to an insider, Drake was smoking marijuana before the fight broke out.

And on top of the outrageous photos of WIP nightclub after the brawl, the nightclub has reportedly extensive security cameras and surveillance video.

"The entire fight was captured on film," a source explained.

"This could be big trouble for Chris Brown if the club owner turns over the video to cops. Chris maintains that he was only acting in self-defense and feared for his safety. Since no when reported any injuries or has followed up with a police report, he's hopeful that this will blow over."

For those who have missed it, after the fight Chris tweeted a photo of himself with a bloody gash on his chin saying, "How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol... Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!."

Photo credit: TMZ/Splash News

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