Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mike "The Situation" Sued For Hiding His Drug Addiction !

According to a new lawsuit, Mike "The Situation" was supposed to be the face of some anti-fat cream thanks to his six-pack, but instead he ended up in rehab so claims the company who hired him and now they want their money back...

To be more specific, a company in FL called "Performance Brands"reveals that they signed a deal with "The Situation"back in September 2011 to endorse their fat metabolizing cream ... 

According to legal docs, Performance Brands claims they paid Sitch and his people a $75,000 advance. His job was to provide promotional material, give shout-outs on social media and make personal appearances, which Performance Brands insists never took place.

As that was not enough, PB states that right after they sent the money, Sitch checked into rehab for a prescription drug addiction, which they claim his PR team lied to them about, before later copping to the truth.

They claim his failure to disclose his drug abuse is a breach of contract and they want all their money back. 

It has to be mentioned that Sitch fired back at the company with his own counter-suit, claiming PB failed to give him a marketing plan on-time, advertise in national magazines, or give him free product. PB dismisses all these claims.

A judge has yet to rule.

It appears that the company reasonably files a lawsuit against Sitch.... What do you think?

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