Melanie Griffith And Antonio Banderas Divorce: Melanie Griffith Without Wedding Ring

There were many reports weeks ago that Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas were on the brink of divorce due to Banderas’ wandering eye. In detail, Griffith, 54, stepped out in Hollywood on Tuesday without her wedding ring!

Wearing a tight Chrome Hearts tank and Lululemon black leggings with thigh-high boots, Melanie, who has been married to Banderas for 15 years, wore only a diamond bauble on her middle finger and not the square-cut engagement ring that usually is on her ring finger...

It has to be mentioned that in April 2012, "Star Magazine" and "Australian Women’s Day" both reported that Banderas was spotted getting cozy with a blonde in a Cancun nightclub.

"He was partying and dancing with lots of women," an eyewitness told Star.

"They kissed more than once," another witness spilled to "Woman’s Day", who had a video of the incident on their site. "At 2 a.m., Antonio and his beautiful blonde left together."

It has to be noted that in June, "The National Enquirer" reported that the pair was headed for a $50 million divorce due to Banderas’ philandering.

"There’s a lot of money at stake," a family friend told "The Enquirer". "Melanie’s a mess. Not only is she in jeopardy of losing the love of her life, but her career is in the toilet while Antonio’s star is continuing to rise."

"I think Melanie’s self esteem hit an all time low and she believed Antonio was torturing her," the friend added. "For years, it's as if she’s been consumed with jealousy over his flirting and outspoken love for beautiful women. I don’t think Melanie can live with the constant fear that he might cheat."

So, the question is: " Are Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas the next celebrity couple headed into divorce court?"

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