Denise Richards Weight Loss Secret

Denise Richards has undoubtedly got a figure that most women would die for.

Richards has revealed the secret behind her slim figure: specialist weight loss trousers!

Richards, 41, was photographed wearing a pair of Zaggora Viva HotPants - believed to also be favoured by celebrities including Tess Daly - as she went jogging in Los Angeles earlier this week.

Denise teamed the blue and orange half-length trousers with a cropped white bra-top to show off her toned stomach and muscular physique.

Just as with the original HotPants and the rest of the Zaggora range, the summer bright Viva HotPants range target the thighs, stomach and bottom, and promise they can help wearers lose two jean sizes in two weeks. 

The shorts are supposed to work by increasing perspiration - and the manufacturers reveal the results have been "lab-proven" by scientists, after researchers from the Chelsea School of Sport at Brighton University found weight loss to be four times greater in subjects who worked out wearing the HotPants.

The core temperature in HotPants increased by an average of 18% compared to the control, they found - with the effects ongoing after activity has ceased.

And Dessi Bell, Founder of Zaggora and the brain behind the product's advanced technology, stated: "We wanted to develop new products that our customers really wanted. Nothing is more powerful than putting customers in the driving seat.
So, that is exactly what we have done and we are so proud of the results. Happy calorie burning!"

It seems hard to beleive that HotPants help you lose weight...It is well known that if you don't eat much, watch your portions on a daily basis and exercise a lot, that leads you to weight loss. Besides, do you remember when Kim Kardashian advertised Sketchers shoes and said that Sketchers helped her shed the pounds? It sounds the same, isn't it?

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