Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tom Cruise Hair Transplant

If Tom Cruise managed to maintain something through all these years, that is certainly his hairline! Cruise surprisingly continues to keep his remarkably full hairline. Tom Cruise's hair has reasonably left many people wonder: "How does he do it?"

The fact is that the hair loss risk increases with age. But, specifically, at Cruise's age is defying a nearly 50% chance of hair loss! The question still remains: "How does he do it?" 

According to Star Magazine, Cruise is using hair loss treatments to hold onto his locks as well.

"Tom is using Rogaine because his (hair) is thinning. Plus he gets weekly massages to stimulate growth," an insider told Star Magazine.

It has to be noted that Tom had shaved his hair short once before after divorcing from ex-wife Nicole Kidman, but it appears that Tom isn’t prepared for a bald look he can’t control.

Of course, male pattern baldness is the most common cause of hair loss in men but there are many factors that could have contributed to Cruise’s thinning hair, which has always been thick and luscious. Factors such as stress and nutritional deficiencies are just some things that can lead to excess shedding. The cause of Cruise’s hair loss is unclear. There are rumors though that Tom uses Rogaine or minoxidil, which is a clinically proven hair loss treatment.

According to specialists, using minoxidil alone is unlikely to solely prevent genetic hair loss. There are a few trusted hair loss treatments available but should not everyone stick to one particular solution. When you suffer from severe hair loss, it is suggested that you should consult a specialist to get personalised advice and an individualised treatment program which tackles the situation from every angle.

According to "In Touch magazine", Tom Cruise recently began utilizing a low level laser therapy (LLLT) cap to prevent losing his "movie star" hair. Allegedly, a Cruise's pal revealed that Cruise is concerned about potential hair loss and started using the Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator cap as a way to stop any progressive thinning.

Although a representative for Cruise claimed the story is "ludicrous," the situation brings an interesting question to light: "Is the Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator cap a valid hair loss prevention device?"

Like many other "at home" low level laser therapy devices, the Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator is a cap that, when placed upon the head of any hair loss suffering man or woman, allegedly penetrates the scalp and stimulates follicular growth. 

According to the manufacturer: "The Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator employs low level laser therapy (LLLT) that provides pain-free light stimulation for cells in hair follicles, encouraging them to repair themselves. In concert with 30 high-output LEDs that provide a broad array of pulsed light energy, the rejuvenator’s 21 built-in lasers produce a 655nm wavelength–the optimal wavelength used in LLLT for increased cellular activity within hair follicles."

Furthermore, the manufacturers state that using the device 25-50 minutes a day for 2 consecutive months effectively stimulates follicular growth and reverses significant hair loss.

So, the question is: "Will this device effectively encourage new hair growth and reverse baldness?"

According to hair transplant surgeons, it is quite impossible that an at home laser device will reverse hair loss in 60 days. Furthermore, because the device costs $699 and is unproven, it’s risky to recommend that hair loss sufferers hurry and buy the Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator. Although low level laser therapy may in fact prove useful at some point, it may be far more effective at this point in time to utilize proven preventive hair loss treatments like Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil).

The certain thing is that Tom Cruise looks after his appearance. He is undeniably a perfectionist and as it was said on a previous post he is like the Madonna of men. Because of that, he has taken a very proactive approach in protecting his hairline over the last 10 to 20 years and undoubtedly uses some type of effective hair loss treatment,  such as FDA approved Propecia. There is a high possibility that Tom used Rogaine from time to time (although treatment should be consistent to be effective) and low level laser therapy.

What do you think of Tom Cruise's hair?
Has he ever had a hair transplant or used a hair loss treatment?

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