Monday, July 2, 2012

Usher's Ex Uses His Stalker Against Him In Custody Battle !

According to reports, Usher's alleged stalker is still causing him huge problems even after she's been hospitalized for mental evaluation because his ex-wife plans on bringing her up in court to prove his children are not safe with him.

As it was said on previous posts, Usher and Tameka Raymond have engaged in a lengthy custody battle in court that is set to resume next month. Tameka has previously cited everything from Usher’s tour schedule to alleged drug use as the reason why she believes her ex husband should not have custody of their kids.

Now, Tameka reportedly will use this latest incident with Usher's alleged stalker, Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw, to fuel her case. According to sources, the kids were with Usher during one of the alleged incidents when Jones-Rakestraw appeared at his home.

According to sources, Tameka is terrified for her kids' safety since Jones-Rakestraw was able to get all the way to Usher's home even though he lives in a gated community and has a security team. 

Tameka is very cruel. This incident was not Usher's fault. Nobody would ask for something like that! Usher is a celebrity and it is very well known that celebrities have big safety issues due to their fame! Why would this stalker take Tameka's side anyway? But the most important thing is: Why the court should take seriously an insane woman? It appears that Tameka is so blinded by revenge that she plans to use a crazy person to testify against Usher in court! Well, this is undeniably against her! 

What do you think?

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