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Jenny McCarthy Quotes

1. Hope is the greatest thing for moms of autism. Hope is what gets us out of bed in the morning. I'm on a mission to tell parents that there is a way.

2. I'm not as hard on myself anymore. I'm comfortable exactly where I am, though it took me until I was 34 years old! I still have things I'm really insecure about, but I've changed by loving me - C-section scars, stretch marks, and all.

3. Having a child makes you realize the importance of life - narcissism goes out the window. Heaven on earth is looking at my little boy. The minute he was born, I knew if I never did anything other than being a mom, I'd be fine.

4. I'm free of stress and worries now because if I don't like something I'm doing, I just find the fun in it instead of being miserable. Let me have fun with the people I work with, let me have fun making money - when I grew up so poor, ya know?

5. My philosophy of dating is to just fart right away.

6. I wished to God the doctor had handed me a pamphlet that said: "Hey, sorry about the autism, but here's a step-by-step list on what to do next." But doctors don't do that. They say "sorry" and move you along.

7. Corner one of the hundreds of doctors who specialize in autism recovery, and they'll tell you stories of dozens of kids in their practice who no longer have autism. Ask them to speak to the press and they'll run for the door. They know better.

8. I know children regress after vaccination because it happened to my own son. Why aren't there any tests out there on the safety of how vaccines are administered in the real world, six at a time? Why have only two of the 36 shots our kids receive been looked at for their relationship to autism?

9. The idea that vaccines are a primary cause of autism is not as crackpot as some might wish. Autism's 60-fold rise in 30 years matches a tripling of the U.S. vaccine schedule.

10. Why should 20-year-olds only be considered sexy? I think we get better with age.

11. If you give us a safe vaccine, we'll use it. It shouldn't be polio versus autism.

12. Those outside of autism need to understand this is an epidemic and we need more government funding, insurance coverage and education reform.

13. Craziest thing I've done for love is getting married. I think it's crazy. I think it's crazy, crazy, crazy. I'm never going to say I wouldn't do it again but I have to make sure it's love and not settling for the "I have to do this by a certain age," which is kind of what I did.

14. We can either continue to collectively stand on the sidelines and debate what is causing autism and if it is an epidemic or we can get on the field and start addressing the real problem - a generation of children with autism. We are not focusing enough on prevention, treatments and support services.

15. At one point, my house was a school for autistic children. I opened up my doors to about 30 kids and their families at the time. I was turning into Mary Poppins because I had to do something for these kids who have nowhere to go. So my house was the school for two years.

16. For a seriously autistic kid, the best prognosis might be getting into a mainstream school without being too much of a shadow. For a moderately autistic kid the best prognosis is full recovery.

17. Google is one of the most incredible breakthroughs that we have today. Yes, it can scare a lot of patients, thinking we're all dying because we look up something on Google. But there's also a lot of anecdotal information from parents, firsthand accounts of what they did for their own child.

18. I did want to acknowledge and confirm the fact that my son does, indeed, have an autism diagnosis.

19. I didn't have to work out before 35 but now I have to.

20. I can't even begin to tell you how many casting couches I was attacked on. Not just by casting people, but by stars. And when I wouldn't give them my number, they'd say: "Who the hell do you think you are? You will never make it in this town. I'll make sure of it."

21. I do believe sadly it's going to take some diseases coming back to realize that we need to change and develop vaccines that are safe.

22. I don't really go out much at all. But there are times when I'm like: "I gotta get out." Then we go to Vegas, and we'll gamble.

23. I figured out something spiritual. Billboard this: "Life is supposed to be fun!"

24. I have my once-a-month nachos, but it's soy cheese and turkey chili on it, so it's somewhat safe. But it's still a big vice for me, because I have a big bowl of it.

25. I guess now that I think back, I used to play priest and be a funny priest. I don't know, I grew up in such a Catholic family that I kind of liked to test the boundaries a little bit and I think I had fun watching my mom laugh.

26. I look at autism like a bus accident, and you don't become cured from a bus accident, but you can recover.

27. I usually have my protein at lunch and my carbs at night - I don't mix protein and carbs.

28. I wanted to be in Jim Carrey comedy movies before I met him. I wanted to be a comedian on Stage 19, yukking it up.

29. I'm not a sex symbol.

30. I'm the worst person to tell anybody how to date.

31. I'm the comedic girl next door and a lot of fun.

32. If you ask 99.9 percent of parents who have children with autism if we'd rather have the measles versus autism, we'd sign up for the measles.

33. It can be hard for the cute girl. I was blond, cute, broke. I was beat up. I was thrown inside lockers. I was burned with cigarettes. My hair was lit on fire.

34. Information on how to heal autism and how to possibly delay vaccines or prevent autism shouldn't come from me. It should come from the medical establishment.

35. It's absolutely imperative for the parents and the typical kids to have time by themselves, to go out to dinner or even go on vacation while someone else cares for the autistic child.

36. Obviously, I'm not a trained actress, and right now I'll come out and say I'm glad I'm not.

37. So basically, I don't know what I'm talking about. But maybe I do.

38. People don't see this side of me. They don't know I read, like, 800 million spiritual books. Lately I am just really getting into a lot of spirituality.

39. Parents of recovered children, and I've met hundreds, all share the same experience of doubters and deniers telling us our child must have never even had autism or that the recovery was simply nature's course. We all know better, and frankly we're too busy helping other parents to really care.

40. The one thing I like about "Playboy" is they don't have the anorexic look. The women are voluptuous. So I didn't really want to diet. I just wanted to tone up.

41. What is missing from today's dialogue is the effect autism is having on families, our society and what the unknown factors are. The 300lb. gorilla in the room is that our children with autism today will soon become adults with autism.

42. When I travel, I like to take advantage of room service. I'm really into eggs Benedict in the morning.

43. When I first went public with my son Evan's story, I just planned to talk about the "R" word - Recovery. But soon I was spending most my time talking about the "V" word - vaccines.

44. When I was a little girl, rocking my little dolls, I remember thinking I would be the world's best mom, and so far I've done it.

45. Why do other first world countries give children so many fewer vaccines than we do? Vaccines save lives, but might be harming some children. Is moderation such a terrible idea?

46. Without intervention today, the cost of care for adults with autism will be significantly greater and the burden will no longer lie with the parents, but on our entire society.

47. You don't need a pickup line. Just glance at a woman from across the room. Glance - don't stare.

48. You totally value and respect your body as you get older.

49. You're always gonna have your anorexics and you're always gonna have your bulimics. I'm hoping that young girls will look up to the girls that are the size 4, 6, and 8's, and know that super super skinny is not pretty - just ask any guy!

50. I went to an all-girls Catholic school. And all the nuns just breathed down our necks "abstinence." And that's not the right thing to do. It does not work. Kids will not listen to that. They're going to experiment no matter what, so you have to be honest. You have to say: "You know what, if you're gonna do it, at least think about the consequences and get protection."

51. People don't come up to me and say: "Love your butt." They say: "You're funny!"

52. The first time I punched in my name and saw how many sites there were, I thought, that's scary. I got too involved where I got worried and panicked and tried to stop it. But you know what, if I just let it go and not worry about it, then it will be fine. Because it's all about how it makes me feel and I was letting it get to me.

53. I don't think I ever said: "I want to be an actress." But for Halloween, I dressed up as a movie star from when I was seven to when I was twelve. The costume was always a long dress, with makeup, and my hair curled, and jewelry on. And the movie star was always Jenny McCarthy. So right there you could see a little pattern.

54. Seven years I worked at the Polish deli. It's a very slow deli. So I sat around a lot on my stool at the cashier. And I'd sign my autograph on all the bags I'd put the milk in. Just everyday, practice my autograph. And the manager of the store would take some of them and tape them against the wall. And he'd say: "Some day, I'm telling you, it will be worth something." And I'm like 13, going: "Really?!" And when I go back there, he still has them on the wall. It's very cute.

55. Because they've either conveniently forgotten with time or they're trying to be supportive, most mothers won't tell you how hard pregnancy (and then childbirth) can be. Let me tell you, it is. It's brutal sometimes! But, if I did it, ANYONE can do it. I mean, I always knew I was meant to do something really BIG in life, and now I know that this was it. Screw winning an Academy Award someday ... I GAVE BIRTH!

56. Marriage is a pretty amazing thing when you think about it. For two people to live together for so long under the same roof is a big accomplishment. Fifty-year anniversaries are becoming extinct, yet again proving that long marriages deserve awards and praise. Sometimes I see old people in restaurants sitting together eating their meals and I watch them. Sometimes it makes me sad. They don't even talk. Is it because they have nothing else to say, or can they simply read each other's mind by now?

57. My goal is to be Goldie Hawn. Or Lucille Ball. To make people laugh. To be a legend, you know.

58. Sometimes I think marriage licenses should be like driver's licenses. They expire after a number of years, and in order to keep going you have to renew. Wouldn't that be kind of genius? It would force you both to look at the relationship, and if it's not working, the marriage would expire so you could go on your merry way, or on the positive side of it, you could look at each other and say we really want to renew. What a way to keep it fresh!!

59. Almost everyone has or will experience getting dumped in their lifetime. Unless, of course, you're a nun. Jesus can't dump nuns.

60. What are friends for? They are the ultimate reflection of yourself. Always surround yourself with people who inspire you and return the favor by giving them the best of you.

61. (on the character she plays in Scream 3 - 2000) Sarah wants respect, and she's not getting it. I like her because she's got spirit and spunk.

62. I was a puke brunette.

63. I don't sleep in anything. I have to be nude, and if I'm not, I end up ripping my clothes off in the middle of the night.

64. (on finding Mr. Right) I think the whole computer geek thing is totally attractive…I mean, like all I'd get is total obedience.

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