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Paris Hilton, 32, is an American heiress, socialite, television personality, businesswoman, fashion designer, entrepreneur, model, actress, producer, author and singer. Wanna know who dated Paris? Let us examine Paris Hilton's dating history below...

unknown date
Paris Hilton was rumored to be dating Chris Brown.

Paris Hilton reportedly dated Randy Spelling for a couple of months when she was just 15. He later stated to be the first person she'd ever slept with.

1999 - 2000
Paris Hilton dated actor Edward Furlong, but little has been published about their reported affair

Paris Hilton dated Rick Salomon. This romance became quite famous, especially after he released an X-rated video of him getting steamy with Paris. The video: "1 Night in Paris" was released in 2003.

Paris Hilton dated  boxer Oscar De La Hoya.

Paris Hilton dated Leonardo DiCaprio.

March 2000
Paris Hilton dated A. Jay Popoff.

Paris Hilton was rumored to be dating Tom Sizemore. He once revealed he hooked up with Paris Hilton after a party at his house one night, but Paris denies it. She claimed in a 2005 statement: "He is not an acquaintance of mine nor have I ever had intimate relations with him."

2002 - 2003
Paris Hilton dated Jason Shaw. The two were engaged from 2002 to 2003, but they ultimately called it quits. Still, her mother Kathy Hilton has revealed that Jason was her favorite of all of Paris' men.

Paris Hilton dated Vincent Gallo. He once said to having gotten intimate with Paris Hilton in an interview with Howard Stern. He also revealed she was "sexual" and "bright."

May 2003
Paris Hilton dated Mark McGrath. McGrath claimed he wasn't able to please Paris in the bedroom due to his small penis: "I'm Irish, man. I got the curse…I did my best…it was sloppy, you know, 3AM." Howard asked if Paris laughed at his penis, but Mark denied it: "She didn't laugh at me. She sort of ran screaming."

September 2003
Paris Hilton dated Jamie Kennedy.

2003 - July 2004
Paris Hilton dated Nick Carter for a couple of years, but the affair was a tumultuous one. Carter later revealed that their relationship "totally was based on distrust," and it was rumored he cheated on her with Ashlee Simpson.

Paris Hilton dated Deryck Whibley in 2003, after they were spotted kissing in Los Angeles. Apparently, though, the spark didn't last for long.

Paris Hilton dated "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis briefly in 2003, but he later made headlines by revealing she was "better than anyone" in bed.

November 2003
Paris Hilton dated "Australian Idol" finalist Rob Mills. The two were spotted on her hotel balcony in Sydney in November 2003, and they were supposedly seen out together a few more times. Her rep stated they were "just friends."

December 2003
Paris Hilton dated Brian Urlacher briefly. "We met, had a good time in Vegas, and she came to a game. That was about it. She's a nice girl. And a busy girl - she goes all out. I don't know what the big deal was. I was single, and we hung out for a while. I didn't even see the (infamous) video," Urlacher was quoted as saying.

Paris Hilton dated Simon Rex briefly in 2004, but they enjoyed some on/off action in the years following their separation. They were spotted kissing at the 2008 Sundance film festival, and they shared a romantic scene in Paris' flick "Pledge This!"

Paris Hilton dated Fred Durst back in 2004, when they were seen kissing on more than one occasion. 

2004 - 2005
Paris Hilton dated Chad Michael Murray. The two reportedly had a fling on the Australia set of "House of Wax." It was supposedly the reason why Sophia Bush had her marriage to Murray annulled after just 5 months.

2005 - May 2006
Paris Hilton dated Greek shipping heir, Stavros Niarchos. Paris was rumored to be interested in someone else at the time, but it was never confirmed.

May 2005 - November 2005
Paris Hilton dated Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis. The two were engaged for about half a year in 2005, but they never walked down the aisle. It was reportedly her decision to break off the engagement, because she felt she was too young and could be making a mistake.

Paris Hilton was rumored to be dating former USC football player Matt Leinart. Paris told they were "good friends."

July 2006
Paris Hilton was rumored to be dating Brandon Davis. They never actually dated, but they were photographed kissing in 2006. 

September 2006
Paris Hilton dated Travis Barker. The two were spotted making out at a few different clubs in September 2006, with sources claiming they were "all over each other." Her rep insisted she was single.

October 2006
Paris Hilton dated tennis star Andy Roddick in October 2006, when they were spotted flirting and cozying up in Las Vegas.

March 2007
Paris Hilton dated "Desperate Housewives" star Josh Henderson in March 2007, but her rep wouldn't officially call him Paris' boyfriend. The affair fizzled out quickly.

April 2007
Paris Hilton dated James Blunt in April 2007, when they were spotted holding hands and making out in a Los Angeles bar. Still, Blunt's rep brushed off the rumors, claiming: "This sounds like gossip to me."

July 2007
Paris Hilton dated Australian clothing entrepreneur Tyler Atkins in 2007, when they attended a couple of parties together in Los Angeles.

August 2007
Paris Hilton was rumored to be dating Adrian Grenier in 2007, when they were spotted hanging out at her Malibu house. It was claimed they were just spending time together because he was making a documentary about the paparazzi, but sources claimed they seemed pretty cozy. 

September 2007
Paris Hilton had a fling with DJ AM in 2007, years after he'd split up with their mutual friend Nicole Richie. They were reportedly "all over each other" at the Toronto International Film Festival, where they went back to the same hotel room for a night.

September 2007 - December 2007
Paris Hilton dated Swedish model Alex Vaggo. They were seen on a number of dates in the fall of 2007, but the romance ended amongst rumors she'd cheated.

December 2007 - January 2008
Paris Hilton dated Brody Jenner. The two were spotted kissing at a New Year's Eve party to ring in 2008, but they denied dating after the effects of the champagne wore off. 

2008 - November 2008
Paris Hilton dated Benji Madden for several months in 2008. At the same time her childhood friend Nicole Richie was romancing Benji's brother Joel. They didn't stay together for long, despite Paris' declarations that she intended to make Benji her husband.

Paris Hilton had a fling with Jared Leto. They were caught kissing on camera in 2008 at the Sundance Film Festival, but they never officially dated. They were also rumored to hook up back in 2001, though nothing has been confirmed.

February 2009 - April 2010
Paris Hilton dated Doug Reinhardt for a little over a year. Engagement rumors were constantly surrounding the pair. Paris said of Reinhardt: "He's gonna be my husband," but the two ultimately break up. Paris was reportedly worried that Doug was only using her to get more popular. 

June 2009
Paris Hilton had a fling with Cristiano Ronaldo. The two never officially announced they were dating, but there is plenty of photographic evidence to chronicle their few nights of partying in LA.

August 2010 -  June 2011
Paris Hilton dated nightclub owner Cy Waits since August 2011. The two vacationed with Paris' family and looked quite smitten, but went their separate ways in June 2011. Paris now swears she's staying single.

July 2011
Paris Hilton dated director Todd Phillips. They were spotted together on multiple occasions. They were caught kissing, but have yet to confirm they're an item. The romance quickly fizzled out.

November 2011 - 2012
Paris Hilton was dating music producer DJ Afrojack (AKA Nick van de Wall). The two went public during a New Year's Eve party. Sadly, the most recent reports suggest that their relationship has ended.

July 2012
Paris Hilton dated Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli. They were spotted partying together.

September 2012
Paris Hilton dated River Viiperi.

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