Is David Letterman Jewish ?

Just in case you wonder: "Is David Letterman Jewish?", the truth is that Letterman is not Jewish.  

To be more exact, American television host and comedian David Letterman (full name: David Michael Letterman) was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. His dad, Harry Joseph Letterman was a florist of English descent; his mother, Dorothy Letterman, a Presbyterian church secretary of German descent (she worked for the Second Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis), is an occasional figure on his show - usually at holidays and birthdays.

It has to be noted that Letterman, 65, is not a particularly religious person. He was married in March 2009 in a civil courthouse ceremony in Choteau, Montana.

In August 2011, Letterman was threatened by Islamic extremists on a jihadist website for a joke that he made on his show. One frequent contributor to the website referred to him as a "lowly Jew," which is not true. 

Conclusion: David Letterman is not Jewish because his father was of non-Jewish, British ancestry while his mother was of non-Jewish, German ancestry.

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