Friday, February 22, 2013

Oscar Pistorius Facts

Just in the extremely rare case you haven't heard before of Oscar Pistorius, 26, Pistorius is a South African sprint runner. Feel free to check out below some Oscar Pistorius facts...  

1. Born: 22 November 1986
2. Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
3. Hometown: Pretoria, South Africa
4. Parents: Henke and Sheila Pistorius

5. Amputation Level: Bi-lateral, below the knee
6. Main Events: 100m, 200m, 400m
7. Weight: 177 pounds
8. Height: six feet, one-and-a-quarter inches tall
9. Facebook page:  138,945 likes

10. Twitter account: 283,705 followers
11. Nicknames: The Blade Runner, Oz, The Fastest Man On No Legs
12. Prosthetics' nickname: The Cheetah Flex-Foot

13. Competitive Class: T43 (Double below knee amputees and other athletes with impairments that are equivalent to a double below knee amputation) /T44 (Single below knee amputees and other athletes with impairments that are equivalent to single below knee amputee)

14. Personal Bests:

100m: 10.91 seconds (South Africa, April 2007)
200m: 21.30 seconds (London, September 2012)
400m: 45.07 seconds (Italy, July 2011)

15. Major Achievements:

GOLD: T43/44 200m, 2004 Paralympic Games, Athens
BRONZE: T43/44 100m, 2004 Paralympic Games, Athens
GOLD: T43/44 100m, 2008 Paralympic Games, Beijing
GOLD: T43/44 200m, 2008 Paralympic Games, Beijing
GOLD: T43/44 400m, 2008 Paralympic Games, Beijing
GOLD: T43/44 4x100m relay, 2012 Paralympic Games, London
GOLD: T43/44 400m, 2012 Paralympic Games, London
SILVER: T43/44 200m, 2012 Paralympic Games, London

16. Sponsors: Nike, BT, Oakley, Thierry Mugler
17. He had to go to court to earn the right to compete
18. He used to love other sports more than running (rugby, water polo, tennis and Olympic wrestling)
19. He released a cd for charity in 2008 ("Olympic Dream," a music CD of disco remixes that serve as motivational music for Pistorius and other athletes. Pistorius provided voice-overs on the tracks "Olympic Dream" and "Run Boy Run", both of which were written for him.)

20. Pistorius failed to qualify for the Beijing Olympics by less than a quarter of a second

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