Monday, September 2, 2013

Brian Zembic Plastic Surgery Disaster

Canadian magician and high-stakes gambler specializing in blackjack and backgammon Brian Zembic (nickname: The Wiz) has reportedly had plastic surgery after he agreed to receive a set of 38C breast implants and keep them for one year in return for $US 100,000 (US$ 150,000 in 2013)!

In the late 90s Zembic, now 52, became popular as a man who would do anything to win a bet. His most famous wager was in 1996 after he had a boob job! The most outrageous thing though is that he still has the breast implants, because he became accustomed to them!

Zembic has appeared on numerous TV shows (such as "The Man Show", "Ripley's Believe It or Not!") and magazines to discuss his breast implants. He also has a movie in the works for his story. Fox Searchlight Pictures bought the rights to his story. The script has been completed and various stars have been attached like Drew Carey and David Duchovny.

Zembic reveals that part of the reason he hasn't had the implants removed is that "…every year when they renewed the rights, they kept saying: "Keep the tits so you can appear at the end of the movie. It'll be really cool." But David Higgins the producer attached to the film explains: "I'm not insisting that he keep his implants in; it's completely up to him," adding: "It would be great for marketing, of course, but we can always find another way."

In 2000 Zembic fathered a daughter, Mika with his then-wife. When asked about her dad's bizarre mammaries Mika was quoted as saying: "I know why you have boobs: Uncle Mike paid you money to put them in." In a 2006 interview he claimed that Mika was one of the few reasons he would have the implants taken out: if they caused her to be bullied in school, he would have them removed.

What do you think of Brian Zembic's extreme plastic surgery?

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