Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Iggy Azalea On Jennifer Lopez: "She's Bad Luck"

Iggy Azalea spoke out about falling off the stage at a pre-show party for 2014 MTV Video Music Awards and accused her good pal Jennifer Lopez of it!  

"We did a show together…and my microphone wasn't switched on. And I said: "At least I didn't fall over,"" Azalea, 24, confessed to ET Tonight. "And she said: "It'll happen to you one day." And then I invited her to watch that show and I fell off the stage! I was like: "You're bad luck!""

Just in case you have missed it, Iggy took a bad tumble while performing her big hit "Fancy" at The Avalon. Security guards quickly pulled her back and she continued unharmed without missing a beat. Later she shared her own clip of the fall on Instagram after the show.

Azalea wrote: "Sorry but it would be a crime not to share this with you all, I know I laughed. #StillFinishedtheSongTho #KeptOnRapping #TheShowMustGoOn."

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