What Stars Said About Madonna's Super Bowl Performance!!!

Wanna know what Stars and Celebrities said about Madonna's performance?

Take a look below.

 Ashton Kutcher

"Fact Madonna is crushing it!"

Paula Abdul

"So Happy for Madonna’s triumphant HalfTime Show! :) Nicki Minaj & M.I.A crushed it! Cee Lo Green & LMFAO added so much fun!"

Alec Baldwin

"Two quarters of SuperBowl and the strongest performer is Madonna
You gotta hand it to Madonna. No apologies ….."


"I thought Madonna… that stage was amazing… I’m proud of my guys lmfao"

Giovanni Bianco

"Madonna rocked it!"

Katy Perry

"SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE @ The Super Bowl. Never thought I’d say that…"

Sharon Osbourne

"Madonna is back! She’s the queen. Just sensational!"

Rosie O’Donnell

"Madonna = perfection"


"She does less, and yet she’s so much more…"

Cyndi Lauper

"Just saw half time. Common, visually OMG! And there is only one Madonna! Xx Cyn"
Michael Moore

"Wow! Madonna. Amazing! And to close with “World Peace.” Michigan’s own. That was something."

Paris Hilton

"That was one of the best half time shows I’ve ever seen! Madonna was incredible! So proud of my boys. Epic. Love LMFAO."
Snoop Dogg

"Madonna killen the superbowl her show is soo fresh. Wowoowowowowowoowowowowowow!"

Eva Longoria

"Madonna is amazing!!! Love her always! What a performer! All my fav songs!"

Heidi Montag

"Wow Madonna is still the Queen of pop! Great show!"

Serena Williams

"Wow best halftime show ever!!! Wow Madonna! Wow"

Tracy Young

"Often imitated but never duplicated!!!"

Sherri Shepherd

"I actually thought Madnna did a great job on the Half Time show. It looked pretty cool here on the field"

Seth MacFarlane

"The way they rhymed ‘Madonna’ with ‘you wanna”‘was terrific. Just tremendous. And a bunch of times! Which was also great. Music is great."

Bethenny Frankel

"Holy madonna balls. That was epic."

Kris Jenner

"Madonna was amazing!!!!!!! Perfection!!"
Goldie Hawn

"Watching the super bowl! Half time dancing with Madonna and company in my living room! World peace! Yes! Go Blue!!"

Eliza Dushku

"Madonna is the Queen of EVERY ball, game & sound right now. WELL DONE Madge!!"

Adam Levine

"my dude Cee Lo Green KILLING up there at halftime! What a trip!"

Nicky Hilton

"Let’s be honest- Madonna killed it!"

Kelly Ripa

"Thank you MADONNA!"

Drew Carey

"Best half-time show ever! Wow. #Madonna #SuperBowl"

Kirstie Alley

"Could Madonna look any more gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!?????? Jeez!!!!!!! This is AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!! Genius!!!"

Jimmy Kimmel

"I feel like Madonna cares more about her own halftime performance than she does the game"

Marc Anthony

"Madonna kicked ass!!!"

Fred Durst

"Wow. Great game. Madonna just took love performance to the NEXT level!!"

Carson Daly

"Brilliant Madonna half time show"

Ryan Seacrest

"Loved the madonna performance, i think she nailed it. Great job!"

Kourtney Kardashian

"Nobody is better than Madonna. She was perfection. Like a Prayer was my favorite part. Did everyone LOVE it as much as I did?"

Kim Kardashian

"Madonna is EVERYTHING! She looks soooo good!"

Denise Richards

"Madonna looks amazing!! Great halftime show!!!"

Andy Cohen



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