Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why Is Madonna's Publicist Considered Scary ??

Madonna's long-time publicist, Liz Rosenberg , supports strongly her beleifs. You will consider of course :
"What's wrong with that?" Well, sometimes she gets so angry and bitchy that terrifies people and , to be more specific, journalists!

What happened exactly?

It has to be pointed out that on September 26th in New York  Liz Rosenberg apparenly put a reporter in her place at the Macy's launch of the "Material Girl" fashion line.

Rosenberg had made it clear that she would allow only three questions and stated that every question must be related to fashion only. Ignoring what Rosenberg said, a reporter from the "Insider" ended up asking :
"What do you think  about Ashton and Demi breaking up?"

As a witness revealed to "The New York Post" these things happened:"Liz slapped the microphone out of the reporter's hand. Madonna and Lola didn't bat an eye as the mike landed at their feet.The daughter is well trained".

Another source said: "Liz pointed a finger at the reporter and said,"Bad girl!"

"After what happened to the "Insider" reporter, none of the journalists there tried to ask more than three
questions and everything was about the clothes. All were scared. Liz Rosenberg is scarier than Madonna", claimed a journalist.

Well, the questions were  specific in number and related to clothes  as it should be from the beginning.
In my opinion, journalists should respect and take more seriously the people who take interview from.

Besides, we all know that the majority of journalists are mostly interested in making the headlines through gossip and making up stories which nothing have to do with the truth...Of course, Liz is very experienced & knows all the traps that journalists set. On the other hand, she has undoubtedly overeacted. She can make her point more peacefully than she did. Maybe Madonna should teach her some yoga techniques and take her to some of the Kabbalah sessions...

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