Katerina Wilhelmina Becomes A Wildfire For Crazy Lenses

Hello people! As you know, I am one of the many brand ambassadors of the UK based coloured contact lenses company "Crazy Lenses" (@crazylensesnow on Instagram).

If you are a regular reader of my blog and a loyal Instagram follower (@katerinawilhelmina), you have already watched my transformation into a kitten thanks to the "Kitten" contact lenses I received from "Crazy Lenses" as a sponsored brand ambassador.

So here I am turning into a wildfire seeking those who fan my flames. As you can see, I have created three wildfire makeup looks for this creative project: flames above/below my eyebrows and on my cheeks. The coloured contact lenses, though, don't move (Thank God for that!), giving a really intense/wild/crazy look on my makeover.

The colours used on my face and outfit are orange, yellow, red and gold.

For the videos I created, I chose songs that had to do with fire/flames. You can watch me recreating Lita Ford's "Playing with Fire" music video, Talking Heads "Burning Down The House" and even "Light My Fire" from The Doors. Who could ever imagine Jim Morrison as a drag queen performing a burlesque act?

For more information about the company and how to wear your contact lenses, check my previous post: "Katerina Wilhelmina Transforms Into A Cat For Crazy Lenses".

If you love my coloured contact lenses as much as I do, you can order yours with 15% off by using my code: KATERINA15.

Haven't you inspired yet for Halloween?

Check out the videos I created in which I am transformed into a wildfire below...


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