Warning Signs That Your Phone Is Hacked

Smartphones Have Entered Into Our Lives For Good But They Are Very Vulnerable To Hackers

Smartphones have become a huge part of our lives to the point that we can't imagine ourselves without those devices. Even if you think that your smartphone is a place where you are the only one who has access, truth is that you will be shocked when you find out that somebody else is using it as well.

I have to admit that I made some mistakes in the past but back then I didn't have the experience I have now. One common mistake I made and unfortunately many people keep on making is using free Wi-Fi from coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, airports. Those Wi-Fi networks are unprotected, which means that you share all your traffic with everyone surrounding you.

Using Free WiFi Is A Common Mistake People Make And Hackers Are Stealing Your Personal Data

You are running a dangerous risk if you charge your phone via an unknown USB -even in a car or an airplane - as all your sensitive information will be revealed and transferred.

There is also SMS phishing: When you get a message on your mobile phone with a link featured, saying that it is a money transfer, your pictures or your bank statement. If you click the link and download the file, you reveal all your phone data to hackers.

Don't make these common mistakes And let hackers steal your personal information
The easiest way of letting hackers enter into your private life is by taking your smartphone for a few minutes and install spy apps. The most popular are: Spy Phone App, Spyera and Spyzie. Those apps can record the incoming and outgoing phone calls and text messages. They can access your GPS location, online activity and communication on your social media accounts, including Facebook, Viber, Skype and WhatsApp.

I have also discovered that there is something called the "Signalling System SS7", which is used by many telephone stations around the world. Via this hackers get full access to your text messages, track your mobile locations and even listen to your conversations on your mobile phone!

Spy Apps, Malware Installed On Your Phone And SMS phishing are common tactics of hackers for stealing your personal information

The question is: "How can you know that you are hacked and what should you do in order to protect yourself from hackers"?

1. You find new apps on your mobile phone which you have never installed them yourself. Before deleting them, make a Google search to check out if they are legit or even visit trustworthy websites to see if they are safe. In case they are not, delete them as soon as possible.

2. Some apps you installed stop working like they used to while new apps you haven't installed are doing just fine. It is obvious that something is interfering with their proper functionality and this is often a sign of malware. 

3. If you noticed that your phone's battery life span has become way too short, it is likely the outcome of an unknown app running on your phone. Those kind of apps run in background mode without notice, so you don't even have to start them, but they still take away your smartphone's battery.

4. Your mobile is significantly slower than it used to be. This is often the cause of malware running in the background of your phone.

5. Your phone gets warm even if you are not using it.

6. Your phone starts applications, dials numbers, switches off or reboots itself.

7. Unknown phone numbers appear in your "Recent Calls". Hackers usually make expensive international phone calls and it costs you a lot!

8. You cannot switch off your mobile and this is not the manufacturer's fault.

9. There are echo and noises during calls. This is a clear sign that someone has access to your phone and listens your conversations.

10. Websites appear different than before in your mobile browser.

11. You notice an increased use of mobile data.

12. Pop-ups start appearing on your device out of nowhere. You are usually notified that you have won a mobile or a vacation. Never do what they ask you to do.

13. Emails sent from your phone are blocked by spam filters.

14. You can't make calls or they are being dropped.

Hackers Can Easily Steal your personal information. Learn how to protect yourself.
If you have noticed any of these strange signs on your smartphone, you should take the following measures to protect yourself...

1. Install a reliable antivirus program. If you ask me, I have installed the AVG antivirus program.

2. Run a mobile anti-malware software. Personally, I have installed Malware Bytes.

3. Delete all the apps you haven't installed yourself.

4. Delete suspicious apps that consume so much traffic. 

5. Reset your phone and return to original settings.

Did you know that 1 to 4 smartphone users is hacked and has no idea? Sad news is that there is no mobile out there which can't be hacked. So, we have to be very careful in this digital era we are living.

Did you have any unpleasant experiences with hackers? If so, what did you do to protect yourself?


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