Katerina Wilhelmina Teams Up With The Italian Luxury Brand ADORE Lenses

I am thrilled beyond words to announce that I have joined forces with ADORE Lenses (@adore_world on Instagram), a coloured contact lenses company based in Italy.

As a sponsored brand ambassador for this worldwide recognized brand of luxury cosmetic contacts, designed by Italian stylists, I received the "Adore Natural - Bi Blue Colored Contact Lenses".

I have to admit that I have tried many contact lenses in the past but it is the first time I feel comfort and no irritation at all in my eyes. Actually, I don't feel that I wear contact lenses!

In ADORE lenses, you will find 3 monthly soft colored contact fashion lenses. There are four collections: 1) Bi-Tone
2) Tri-Tone
3)Dare and 4) Crystal

ADORE contact lenses could be Plano (without powers) to be used for a cosmetic purpose only and corrective. Just to let you know that's a very wide range of powers (from -16 to +10).

The exciting news is that ADORE is a luxury brand with very affordable prices based on high quality/duration of the product. The selling price for a pack of 2 lenses is around 40 euros!

If you love my coloured contact lenses as much as I do, you can order yours from: adorelenses.com.

I have to share with you that I have created many videos for ADORE, which you can find on my Instagram account (@katerinawilhelmina), musical.ly (@katerinawilhelmina) and YouTube (Katerina Wilhelmina).

Are you ready to enhance your natural eye colour with elegance and make your eyes even more seductive? Choose ADORE!

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