Monday, November 28, 2011

Who is the Rock Legend that Got a Phd In Astrophysics??

Brian May, the 59-year-old guitarist of the legendary rock group Queen, has just completed his PhD in astrophysics. His thesis was on interplanetary dust clouds.


May left school over 30 years ago to contribute to the world’s pool of quality music. After recently co-authoring a children’s science book with astronomer Sir Patrick Moore — Bang! 


The Complete History of the Universe — his interest was again sparked. He decided to go back to school and finish up what he started. He dug up his notes from 33 years ago, which he found in his loft, and picked up where he left off.


See, I always felt that it pays to be a pack rat. Congratulations Brian! An admirable accomplishment indeed!!!

Here’s the Web sit
e for May’s children’s science book:

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