Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who Is The Director That Lady Gaga Wants To Work With???

Lady Gaga has showered affection on her upcoming “Marry The Night” performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but she does adore something other than The Night – namely, fellow New York native Woody Allen.


Upon discussing her acting aspirations with Ellen, Gaga reveals, “My dream would be to be in a Woody Allen movie.


” Hey, he makes about one movie a year and has worked with most of Hollywood already, we’d say her chances are pretty good! Preview Mama Monster’s interview below.

When Ellen brings up the fact that Gaga is preparing to go out on tour yet again, the singer feigns exhaustion before describing the joy she receives from touring. 

“I can’t wait!” she exclaims, silver tinsel eyebrows raised. “I’m so excited!… It’s just not so different from my day to day life, because I don’t have a home still.”

“Well, you can buy one, you know,” informs Ellen.

Gaga says that it seems like a waste to buy a house that she’ll rarely ever live in, and then drops this gem of an anecdote: “When I signed my tax returns this year I had to get completely wasted… they were just holding me up. 

I couldn’t even… it’s unbelievable.” Wait, did she have to get drunk to deal with the amount of money she has in the bank, or the amount being taken from the government?

Well, the thing is what Woody would think of that collaboration...


I am looking forward for his reply to Gaga.
The certain thing is that I can't imagine Woody working on a video clip!


Do you want Gaga to collaborate with Woody Allen??
If you do, in what kind of a movie??
Feel free to comment.

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