Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ann Romney Weight

One of the most common questions interviewers ask Ann Romney is: " What is Ann Romney's weight ?"  

Ann Romney is very willing to reveal her height-and even her age-but never her weight

To be more specific, in an interview with Globe magazine Ann Romney revealed that her height is 5 feet 8. When the magazine asked her about her weight, Ann Romney claimed: "No, that's my secret, no woman wants to tell anyone her weight, it's always more than we want it to be; back in college I was 117 pounds and that's what I should be now." 

Despite what her husband describes as her perfect physical condition, Ann is obsessive about her weight and, according to her husband, probably hasn't been on a scale for 15 years.

"Don't ask about it," Ann Romney continued. "I won't answer. I'll tell my age, but not my weight. A woman's weight is always more than she wants it to be. I'll tell you what my ideal is. I'm 5 feet 8. In college, I weighed 117. That's what I should be. But I'm never near that. I'm always shocked at how much I weigh. I'm thin, but not 117 pounds, so I'm not as thin as I should be.

This is definitely a weird reaction from a woman at her age and it undeniably proves that Ann Romney feels very uncomfortable with her own body.

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