Helena Christensen Dating

Helena Christensen is undeniably a stunning supermodel and of course has been dating many men in the past. Wanna know who dated Helena? Let us examine Helena Christensen's dating history below...

1992 -  1995
Helena and the late
INXS frontman, Michael Hutchence, dated on and off during the early 1990s and lived together for a time. 

Helena was rumored to date Leonardo DiCaprio around the time his hit "Titanic" was in theaters. Neither party confirmed the affair, but Leonardo is notorious for dating models.

1998 -  2003
Helena and Norman Reedus had a long relationship and have a son together, Mingus, who they named after the jazz musician Charles Mingus. 

2004 -  2006
Helena dated rock singer Rasmus Walter-Hansen for two years. The two were frequently spotted out together during this time. 

2006 -  2007
Helena and Jack Huston dated for a year, but managed to have a very low-key split. 

Helena Christensen and Guy Berryman began dating when they were both newly single. Guy is ten years younger than Helena, but obviously she's into that. A pal once told "Daily Mail UK" that Helena "always goes for younger men."

2008 -  Present
Helena Christensen and Paul Banks were spotted kissing in early 2008 and this pair's been going strong ever since!

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