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Naomi Campbell is undeniably a successful supermodel and of course has been dating many men in the past. Wanna know who dated Naomi? Let us examine Naomi Campbell's dating history below...  


Mike Tyson and Campbell were linked early on in her career, though not much has been published about their affair. 

1991 -  1992
Naomi Campbell and Robert DeNiro made headlines in the early '90s before fizzling out, but it was later rumored that Campbell wanted DeNiro to be the father of her children. 


Eric Clapton dated Campbell for less than a year in 1993.

1993 -  1994
Naomi and Adam Clayton got engaged after a brief romance, and she famously dished about their relationship after the split, calling him a "wonderful man."

Naomi and Max Biaggi were linked after they were spotted boarding the same airplane separately, but Biaggi later made fun of the rumor. 

1999 -  2000
Naomi and Joaquin Cortes dated for almost a year, despite not being able to understand each other's languages.

1999 -  2002
Naomi and Fabio Briatore dated on and off for a couple of years, but Naomi ultimately broke it off, claiming: "I'm not going to be a trophy." 


While Naomi Campbell was on the outs with Flavio Briatore, she was rumored to date Damon Dash. 

Naomi and P. Diddy dated briefly in 2002, but they remained pals after the breakup.

2004 -  2004
Tommy Lee confirmed he was "kind of going out" with Naomi after the two met through P. Diddy.

Usher and Naomi dated for a few months, but reports about the reason of the split have been contradictory. Usher honestly revealed he was bored with her, but she claimed his entourage was too controlling.


Naomi and Matteo Marzotto dated for about eight months, and Matteom, an Italian tycoon, later joked that Campbell had hit him while they were together. He quickly retracted after people took him seriously. 

It was rumored that Naomi dated Terrence Howard but he denied the gossip and claimed he was just mentoring Naomi.


It was rumored that Naomi dated Andre Balazs after they were spotted on a dinner date in New York. Balazs, a hotel mogul, later brought Campbell to an A-list birthday party, but close sources there revealed they weren't really "together."

Naomi and Marcus Elias were first linked after they met at a Vogue party and we snapped kissing in the Mediterranean Sea. They debuted as a couple at the Cannes Film Festival, and Naomi was rumored to be engaged to Marcus, Brazilian billionaire, after she was spotted with what looked like an engagement ring. However, the two split shortly after.

2008 -  Present
Naomi and Russian real estate entrepreneur Doronin Vladislav have traveled the world together and battled engagement rumors more than once since hooking up in 2008. For now, at least, they're enjoying being a pair but not ready to get hitched. Interestingly, Doronin is still legally married to his wife Ekaterina, though they've been separated for 10 years.

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