Monday, November 12, 2012

Betty White Lifeline

It is very well known that Betty White is absolutely adored over the world because of her genuine spirit and unique talent. It is no wonder, The Lifeline Program® happily signed Betty White as celebrity spokesperson back in 2005.
Just in case you wonder what The Lifeline Program is and how it works, Lifeline promotes the sale of so-called viatical settlements under which a life insurance policy holder essentially sells the death benefit of his or her policy for upfront money while still alive. In this way, viaticals can genuinely benefit terminally ill people in desperate need of cash.

An investor has to front the money and pay the insurance premiums while the policy holder is still alive, and that’s where viaticals get bizarre. Such an investor is essentially betting that the policy holder will pass away before the investment costs grow larger than the value of the death benefit. Needless to say that few investors are able to weigh the risks of such bets.

It doesn't come as a big surprise that programs like this have come under heavy scrutiny. Many similar companies have been investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission for underestimating the life expectancies of policy holders.

It has to be mentioned that after six years the collaboration between Betty White and Lifeline is still going strong. White has willingly accepted Lifeline's offer to continue being the face and personality for the Lifeline Program.

Scott Page, president and CEO of The Lifeline Program, was very happy about his decision to hire Betty White for The Lifeline Program and was quoted as saying: "Betty White is one of America's most recognizable and beloved faces, particularly when it comes to seniors. She will help us to teach thousands of seniors how to uncover hidden wealth by selling their life insurance policies."

It has to be noted that The Lifeline Program is more than just a product for Betty White as she also became a lifelong member of the Lifeline family.

What do you think of Lifeline's decision to sign Betty White as a spokesperson?

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