Gabriel Aubry Arrested After Brawl With Olivier Martinez

Gabriel Aubry was reportedly arrested and hospitalized after a Thanksgiving Day brawl involving Olivier Martinez at Halle Berry's house.

According to celebrity website TMZ, the incident took place when Aubry went to Berry's home on Thursday morning to drop off their daughter Nahla.

It's unknown what triggered the violence, but Aubry allegedly instigated a fight with Martinez, Berry's fiancé.

Martinez is said to have knocked Aubry unconscious while sustaining his own injuries.

Aubry was reportedly taken to the hospital and arrested for battery.

After that Berry will probably look for a protective order against Aubry, with whom she endured a bad split and protracted custody fight.

It has to be mentioned that earlier this month, Berry lost a court battle in which she was trying to win the right to move to France with Nahla.

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