Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery ?

Christie Brinkley is undoubtedly a gorgeous woman.  

In spite of the fact that Brinkley is 58, she looks much younger than her actual age

You may reasonably wonder: "What is Christie Brinkley's anti-aging secret?"

Well, according to plastic surgeons, the answer is: Extensive plastic surgery

According to celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated Brinkley: "It appears that Christie is a cover girl for plastic surgery!" 

"She still looks almost as young as she did in the 80s. Her skin is flawless, possibly due to a combination of laser treatments and chemical peels. Her forehead is impossibly smooth. Impossible without maybe a little Botox? I also suspect that her upper eyelids have been lifted surgically. Overall she still looks like a young Uptown Girl!" Dr. Anthony Youn was quoted as saying.

It has to be mentioned that Christie Brinkley has never confirmed any plastic surgery. We should keep in mind though that Brinkley has revealed she follows a vegetarian diet and works out regularly.

The important thing here is that Christie
Brinkley still looks like herself!

Photo credit: Getty Images

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  1. There are few actresses who have not changed their look with plastic surgery. Every women want to change her look and this is the only way to change look or physical appearance.

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  2. She looks like a 36 years old woman, definitely not 58:O If she had plastic surgeries and looks like this that means she did the right thing. There are so many women that wanted too much from their surgeries and the results were not that great, but Christie knew what she wanted and got it.

    This definitely convinced me to go for liposuction Toronto even if I'm a bit scared. Choosing the best surgeon in town would definitely help me got what I want too:)


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