Yasmine Bleeth Addiction: What Pals Revealed !

Just in case you haven't heard before of Yasmine Bleeth, Bleeth is an American actress, best known for her television roles as Caroline Holden in the long-running 1990's series "Baywatch" and Lee Anne Demerest on the soap opera "One Life to Live".

In 2001, actress Yasmine Bleeth had a cocaine habit that was so severe, she collapsed at a Glamour photo shoot, she didn't sleep for five days at a time and she was arrested after crashing her car while high on the drug. The question is: " What Yasmine Bleeth's pals revealed about her drug addiction?"Check out below the full article by the National Enquirer...

GORGEOUS "TITANS" STAR Yasmine Bleeth is destroying herself with a titanic drug problem, fear frightened pals.

The beautiful brunette is dropping weight, suffering nosebleeds and exhibiting other shocking signs of a debilitating addiction to cocaine.

And if the 32-year-old former "Baywatch" babe doesn't stop now, friends say she is in mortal danger.

"I'm worried sick that cocaine will end up killing Yasmine!" declared an insider. "She's snorting cocaine like there's no tomorrow and it's catching up to her. She's young, talented and is as sweet as they come - but she's throwing all of that away."

The sad signs of cocaine abuse are all around the actress - whose NBC show was just canceled, says the insider.

"During shooting, Yasmine ran to her trailer at least five times a day. She came out with glassy looking eyes. She sniffed and cleared her throat every 20 seconds. 

"Her mood swings were terrible. One minute she was laughing uncontrollably and the next minute she was staring out into space and looking like she was on the verge of tears.

"Yasmine's co-stars tried to talk to her about her problems - but she refuses to admit she's using drugs. The truth stared the cast and crew in the face every day.

"Yasmine came out of her trailer with white powder dusting the end of her nose. Some days it was so bad you could even see white powder still in her nostrils. After she exited her trailer, Yasmine was in high gear. She talked a mile a minute, fidgeted with her hair and had a stoned look on her face.

"One of Yasmine's co-stars even threatened to stop kissing scenes with her because recently his own lips went numb after such a scene.

"The co-star said he could taste cocaine on Yasmine's lips. A small amount must have settled there after one of her many trips to the trailer.

"Poor Yasmine walked around with her eyes dilated and acted surprised when anyone suggested she had a problem.

"She was never late for work, and surprisingly kept up with her lines, but her mind won't last for ever if she keeps putting that poison up her nose.

"Things got so bad that Yasmine was even starting to stink. I don't know if she's not bathing, but she smelled like a stale, wet blanket that's been thrown in some damp corner of a garage for a few weeks." 

When NBC pulled the plug on the low-rated "Titans," it did a big favor for Yasmine, says the insider. "The cancellation could be a blessing disguise for her. Now that she's out of work, friends are hoping she'll address her drug problem and get help."

The bubbly actress - who starred as a sex-crazed young bride pregnant by her husband's son - was starting to deteriorate right before everyone's eyes, say sources.

"The cameramen complained she was very hard to light because she has terrible bags under her eyes and her skin is all sallow and splotchy looking," said a source on the set. 

"Far and away, Yasmine's worst problem was her frequent nose bleeds. The makeup person followed her around the set all day with a tissue box and the makeup kit. Her face had to be repaired each time she had a nosebleed."

An inside source revealed: "Yasmine has lost a dramatic amount of weight in the last year. At one point critics were chiding that she needed to lose weight if she wanted to fit into her red "Baywatch" swimsuit. Now her old suit would fall off her bones."

The set source added: "Yasmine used to have such nice feminine curves. Now she's a bag of bones. She's so strung out on drugs she really looks sick."

Concluded an insider: "It's no secret that cocaine is a killer. Yasmine is playing with a loaded gun." 

It is unclear if there is any truth to this story but we should at least beleive Yasmine Bleeth's shocking confession about her drug addiction. What do you think?

Source: December 26th, 2000 National Enquirer

Author: Patricia Towle

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