Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jennifer Connelly Extreme Weight Loss By Over-Exercising

American film actress Jennifer Connelly, 41, has always been thin, but new pictures of her appearing incredibly skinny have prompted speculation that Jennifer has been going overboard in the gym to the detriment of her health.

"She looks far too skinny and that's not attractive at all," nutritionist Majid Ali, who has not treated Connelly, was quoted as saying. 

At 5'6 1/2", Ali considers that Connelly: "Can't be more than 100 pounds. It appears that she over-trains."

Dressed in dark workout clothes, trainers and wearing headphones and a very intense expression on her face, Jennifer appeared gaunt and sunken, with her legs and arms shockingly slimmer than ever before.

Jackie Keller, CEO of meal delivery service NutriFit claims Connelly looks too skinny.

"The legs remind me of some of the recent Olympian runners that I watched on TV," Keller revealed.

"Many things go into what is considered to be a healthy weight - including previous weight levels, body shape and of course, muscle tone," Keller explained. "It is possible that as a regular runner, she has very thin but powerful legs and a long, lean frame. Many runners do and we saw a wide range of body types and sizes at the Olympics."

Judging by the photos, Connelly seems she is over-training. What do you think?

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