Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mickey Rourke's Wrecked Face Full Of Scars

Horrifying pictures of Mickey Rourke's disfigurement have shocked even his hardcore fans after a candid photo shoot of his bandaged and bruised face were made public.  

"Has a plastic surgeon been wrestling with Mickey Rourke's face? His face appears to have a plethora of scars and changes from potentially several different operations," celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated the actor, was quoted as saying.

"I suspect that he's had at least one facelift, and maybe more, creating scars around his ears," revealed Dr. Youn.

"He appears to have regained the sideburns he seemed to lose after a previous surgery, possibly signifying hair transplants. I also suspect that he's undergone an upper eyelid lift" Dr. Youn claimed.

"He's a fine actor who should keep far, far away from plastic surgeons from now on," Dr. Youn warned.

It has to be noted that the horriffying photos, in which Rourke  poses in a recovery room in his underwear showing off all his plastic surgery scars, are exclusively obtained by "The National Enquirer". 

Unfortunately, the extensive plastic surgery that the former 9 1/2 Weeks hunk underwent led him to such disastrous results...

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