Monday, November 12, 2012

Tarja Turunen Quotes

1. Enjoy all the beautiful things life gives to you, love above the rest, do not hate for false reasons. If there wouldn't be hate in this world, we wouldn't be fighting wars like we do all the time.

2. I have found my way. Music is a journey, it is like life. We treasure all the experiences we all have, they are part of us. Today my music is everything that I know, everything that I love, everything that I want, so of course Nightwish has been part of me, it is a huge part of me. Nightwish is still there, the music is still alive, it will never die. But my music is different since I compose myself. I hear what it is here, it is wonderful.

3. The request came from Scorpions management and right after Klaus Meine called me directly so we spoke a lot on the phone, I heard him telling me that they have been following my career, that they liked my voice and that they liked me to be part of their album. They even gave me two songs to choose from which was amazing! I could choose which one I preferred and I chose "The Good Die Young". (on her collaboration with Scorpions)

4. Nothing is impossible. It is just that I want to be happy with everything I do today musically. If I’m happy, I’m 100% in it, I want to work on it, to love it, to put all my guts in it! So a band? Yeah! Why not? But if you asked me now, it would be very difficult since I don’t have time, but it would be fun. (when asked if she would get involved in a band again)

5. I’m very happy with my debut album, because the whole structure behind me is very different than when I was the singer in Nightwish. All the people, including the record company, are different. All the people around me are new people. The reception of the album in Europe has been excellent. I’m very happy. We are expecting to have a gold award in Germany, and today I got the news that I got a gold award in Russia. That’s the first time ever I got a gold record in Russia.

6. I am working hard with my singing teacher to get my conditioning back. I have been learning classical singing for 15 years.

7. I was having a lot of trouble deciding which song to cover. There are millions of great artists to choose from. I wanted to find a track that would match the story of the album the way I had it in my head. I was driving in Finland, listening to rock radio. They played "Poison" four or five times. I imagined the direction I could take the song, and I had some ideas to do solos with cellos. So I just chose that, and it fit the album. It’s a great track. It brings back memories from my teenage years. (on her decision to cover Alice Cooper's "Poison")

8. I love acting. I liked making the video "I Walk Alone" and playing around with the four different characters. Together with the director we worked out the story. It was a lot of fun

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  1. Thanks for this! Tarja is such an beautiful and wise woman, not to mention a wonderful singer <3

    1. I couldn't agree more with you! I admire Tarja a lot!


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