Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lara Flynn Boyle Plastic Surgery Before And After

"Twin Peaks" star Lara Flynn Boyle, 42, is certainly among the candidates of plastic surgery disasters in Hollywood. Unfortunately, she made the bad decision to enter the vain and risky world of celebrity plastic surgery.

Lara Flynn Boyle has had multiple plastic surgeries that her overly puffy face barely resembles her former self.

Lara likely had lip implants or lip fillers, including collagen or  fillers like Restylane or Juvederm in addition to cheek implants or - according to celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn -  fat grafts or Sculptra injections.

It seems that Lara became obsessed with plastic surgery. Her lips are over-inflated and she had too much botox that she ruined her face and career as well.

It is rumored that Lara has been getting lip injections since the 90′s and the result is uneven, deformed, lopsided, distorted and unattractive lips. Lara has clearly had work done to her cheeks (cheek implants and/or fat grafting) that has left her looking "puffy". On top of that, Lara apparently suffers from body dysmorphia and in the past she has also fought eating disorders.

Her face has gotten larger and fuller, which is likely a result of fat injected into her face, which is supposed to fill it out for a more youthful appearance. Lara's face has been stretched out so much that she now has saggy skin to contend with.

Needless to say that Lara Flynn Boyle has become the subject of ridicule for many years due to her several facial fillers and lip injections.
She has been called everything from "trout pout" to "joker face", which is a bit ironic if you consider the fact that she used to date Jack Nicholson, who portrayed the joker in Tim Burton's "Batman" movie.

The question is: "What plastic surgeon experts beleive about Lara Flynn Boyle's plastic surgery?"

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills, was quoted as saying: "Lara Flynn Boyle appears to have had rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, botox, facial fillers, and possibly a browlift and facelift." He also claimed:  "She should refrain from having any additional procedures and would not benefit from having further work performed at this time."

"Lara Flynn Boyle's face looks like it's melting," celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn revealed.

"Now her face looks like it's deflated, with resultant loose skin," explained Dr. Youn.

"I suspect that she's either undergone corrective surgery to reverse some of the work that was previously performed, or has just plain allowed the plumping fillers to dissipate, leaving her with sagging cheeks,"
Dr. Youn added.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer stated: "Lara Flynn Boyle I feel has gone overboard with the fillers to her cheeks and lips. The botox to her forehead and rhinoplasty has given her a nice enhancement to her face.  In time the fillers in her cheeks will go down and that will give her a more natural look."

Conclusion: In her effort to turn the hands of time, Lara Flynn Boyle  has gone overboard with plastic surgery and the result is completely the opposite. She is definitely a victim of plastic surgery and certainly isn't aging gracefully

What do you think of Lara Flynn Boyle's plastic surgery?

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