Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery

"Knots Landing" actress Joan Van Ark, 69, has undoubtedly gone under the plastic surgeon's knife for numerous plastic surgical procedures. The number of plastic surgeries Joan Van Ark has underwent is unknown, but if you take a closer look at her face you can tell what sort of work she has had...  

To be more specific, judging by the before and after images, which have widely circulated on the web, Joan has obviously gone overboard with plastic surgery. Her leather-like skin prooves she's had multiple facelifts while her slightly smaller nose suggests a rhinoplasty. Her lips are fuller than they were during her "Knots Landing" days, which indicates she's used collagen injections. In addition, she has likely had cheek implants because her cheeks are clearly fuller. Finally, it is more than apparent she's had excessive botox injections. For her age Joan has very few wrinkles around her face.

In many interviews she was often asked if she has gone under the plastic surgeon's knife, but despite the countless questions she has received, Joan has somehow avoided the subject. Joan has not made a single statement about the plastic surgeries she has obviously succumbed.

The ironic thing is that Joan Van Ark has appeared in an episode of the plastic surgery based drama "Nip/Tuck". Needless to say that many people estimated this was her way to tell the world discretly about her plastic surgeries... 

Just in case you are curious about what plastic surgeon experts beleive about Joan Van Ark's plastic surgery, check out below... 

On his blog, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn claims: "I've had some readers ask me what is going on with Joan Van Ark's face. Hmm…maybe some plastic surgery?"

"She's such a pretty woman so it's a shame she may have altered her looks considerably with plastic surgery. In my opinion, she appears to have had a browlift and upper blepharoplasty, creating the "hollowed out" appearance to her upper eyes. Her nose looks thinner and shorter, possibly from a rhinoplasty. Her lips also appear augmented, likely from Restylane. In addition, her neckline is almost impossibly sharp for a 64 year old, and can be the result of a facelift. Her cheeks are somewhat puffy, possibly due to facial fat grafting. Finally, her skin has a smooth, waxy sheen. This can be caused by a combination of Botox (forehead), Juvederm (frown lines) and chemical peels or laser treatments," Dr. Youn explains.

"While I think that some of these (possible) procedures work for her (facelift, injectable fillers), others have not improved her appearance at all (rhinoplasty, lip augmentation). Maybe she should take some advice from her contemporary Joan Collins and not have any plastic surgery at all! "

Conclusion: You don't have to be a genius to understand that Joan Van Ark has a scary appearance because of her multiple plastic surgeries (facelift, nose job and brow lift) and heavy makeup. In an effort to fight the hands of time, Joan is a tragic case of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.

What do you think of Joan Van Ark's plastic surgery?

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