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Kathy Griffin, 52, is an American actress and comedian. Wanna know who dated Kathy? Let us examine Kathy Griffin's dating history below...  

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Kathy Griffin dated Jack Black. 

Kathy Griffin dated Quentin Tarantino. They dated briefly in the '90s, though Griffin has claimed publicly the two never slept together because he just wanted to cuddle. She also added: "He was a pretty freaky guy."

Kathy Griffin dated Leif Garrett.

February 2001 - May 2006
Kathy Griffin was married to Washington DC native Matt Moline in 2001. They divorced in 2006 after a tumultuous relationship. Griffin later accused him of stealing more than $70,000 from her.

Kathy Griffin dated Andrew W.K. As a part of Griffin's reality show, Griffin went on a date with the eccentric Andrew W.K.Their date occurred at one of Andrew's gig, in which Griffin was harassed by an audience member. The date ended with Andrew hailing Griffin a cab, and Griffin saying it was a disaster due to the lack of paparazzi

July 2007 - June 2008
Kathy Griffin dated Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. The two dated briefly between 2007 and 2008, during which time they appeared together at the Emmy Awards and at the Humane Society Fur Ball. They announced their separation in 2008, claiming that they will remain pals.

Kathy Griffin was rumored to be dating Levi Johnston. On August 9, 2009, Griffin attended the Teen Choice Awards with Levi Johnston and subsequently interviewed him in her role as guest host on Larry King Live. In the interview, the two joked that they were in a serious relationship.

February 2011 - Present
Kathy Griffin was rumored to dating with the Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa in February 2011. On March 7, 2011, while appearing on Howard Stern's radio show, Griffin announced that she is currently romantically involved with actor and former NFL practice-squad player Isaiah Mustafa. Since then Mustafa has announced that he is in fact single, though he admitted to finding Griffin "amazing". In the same interview, Griffin also revealed that the previous July, she had ended a private romantic affair that had lasted four years with a man whom she did not publicly identify, only claiming that he was "a regular guy with a regular job," and that it was a "messy breakup".

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