Sunday, February 12, 2012

Is Whitney Houston's Death A Suicide ?

  According to  there is suspicion that Whitney Houston's death is a suicide.

"Early reports are that Whitney may have died of a drug overdose, and possibly a suicide!!!
We just got word that Whitney was found by her bodyguard named RAY. Despite earlier reports, Ray J was NOT WITH HER when she died.

Police have finally spoken out. They CONFIRMED that Whitney was found inside her hotel room with "an entourage." The police claim that as of now, they do not believe that she was MURDERED!!!

They did not say however, how they believed, Whitney died.
Just two days ago, showed you pics of Whitney with SLASHED WRISTS . . . and soaked in blood. At the time, an insider told that they were "worried that Whitney would do something" to herself."

I have seen the pictures of Whitney with her wrists and legs soaked in blood. It's so sad to watch...
I beleive that it's very soon to jump into conclusions right now.
There is not enough evidence. It's very immature and irresponsible to speculate without proper proof.
Time will tell...
RIP Whitney. You will be greatly missed.

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