Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kelly Osbourne Tatoo

You can tell that Kelly Osbourne is a major fan of tatoos!

She has so many through the years. Actually Kelly regrets her ink done and plans to eventually have some  tatoo removal done.

 To be more exact, Kelly has 11 tattoos, including:

1. A skull and crossbones on top of both of her feet.

2. Small pink angle wings on her back

3. An outline of a star on the back of her neck.

4. A pink heart on her hip.

5. A ship’s anchor in the back of her forearm.

6. A small pink heart on her little finger.

7. The word "Daddy" on her forearm with a lock and key
underneath and a banner that says "This too shall pass".

8. A keyboard on the back of her right forearm.

9. Her brother's name - Jack - on her wrist

10. A blue heart with crossbones coming out of it above her right hand.

11. "I Love My Mommy" written in French between the angel wings on her back.
After several stints in rehab she says she feels like the tattoos are just permanent reminders of bad times in her life, and she encourages kids to think twice before making the decision to get tattoos. At the age of 25, she's decided she wants to look like a lady.

When she did Dancing with the Stars, in an interview with Access Hollywood, Kelly's advice was, “Don’t get tattoos, please, because you hate them when you get older. I hate them.”

Some of Kelly's tattoos do seem to be random impulse tattoos rather than seriously thought-out body art. But, the angel wings are well-done - small and delicate - with "Te Vous Aime La Maman" in script between the wings. Much classier than some of her other choices.

It has to be noticed that Kelly has tweeted her concerns about her tatoo removal to her dear friend Lily Allen.To be more specific, Kelly tweeted:"Sat in a room waiting to have my first tattoo removal consultation looking at this huge laser machine!... Only slightly s**tting it! The pain is not what I am worried about I can deal with that no problem it's the fact that it's a f**king laser!"

Allen responded to her tweet and offered her advice, posting, "I've had it and it doesn't hurt, just ask for a local (anaesthetic)."

Let's take a look at Kelly Osbourne tatoos on the photos below

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