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Heidi Klum Quotes

1. Being a Victoria's Secret model, which was always my dream.

2. I grew up in a big family with a lot of kids around, and I definitely want to have children as well.

3. But all the money in the world cannot make you happy either, so there has to be a balance.

4. I like to dream, but I like to make things happen.

5. I don't have my name on anything that I don't really do.

6. For me, my business is my business and my house is my house. I don't want the public in my house.

7. Fashion is a very particular world, as you know.

8. A little acting debut in Spin City, with Michael J. Fox, which opened up a whole new door for me.

9. But I also want to have a family with children one day, which is very important to me.

10. The main thing is healthy eating, exercise, which I do for special events, like if it's Sports Illustrated, or the swim suit catalogue for Victoria's Secret, or my own calendar that I did for the year 2000.

11. I actually eat a lot.

12. So everyone has that problem, models have that problem, too.

13. I love painting. 

14. Well, I was going to school in Germany. And in my free time I was dancing.

15. I danced for 15 years of my life. Which was my love and my passion.

16. I never went to a modeling school, and I don't suggest to anybody that they go to a modeling school.

17. Well, I was already so happy being chosen to do the issue itself, that when I got on the cover, it was even more of a surprise and even more amazing to me.

18. A woman is a woman!

19. Because I'm on the runway with some of the best models in the industry.

20. So to get back to being intimidated, yes, you get intimidated when you're on the runway with Naomi Campbell, who is the best runway model in the world.

21. I like basketball, and I've been to three games, which is so much more fun than seeing it on TV, I think.

22. I have the best husband in the world. He's very involved.

23. I don't have the hard everyday life that so many working mothers face.

24. When I came out of school I didn't even think that modeling was a job.

25. I'm someone, the same as my girlfriends, when they say what do you think about this, I don't always say they look fabulous. I say what I think.

26. With a family of six, there is always something to make, create and do together.

27. I sing a lot, even with my voice.

28. Children are very addicting. Once they start growing up, you miss when they were little.

29. No Botox. I don't think I will go there. I don't want to say never, because who knows? Maybe in 10 years I will.

30. Sure, climbing Mount Everest would be cool, but that's something I would now like to do as a family. Big experiences like that I don't want to have on my own anymore. I want to share them.

31. It's important for children to see what's out there and learn that it's fun to go.

32. I always wanted to be a mom.

33. I always think, Look at how people were before they were pregnant. If you were a toned, healthy, energetic person, most likely you will be like that again.

34. I come from a place where we're not that shy about our bodies.

35. I think it's important to get your surroundings as well as yourself into a positive state - meaning surround yourself with positive people, not the kind who are negative and jealous of everything you do.

36. If you have issues with family, friends, and people at work, try and solve these issues head on so you can move on and concentrate on having the life you want.

37. I need my products to work and be fast! I don't love having 50 different things in my bathroom, like a different cream for every inch of my face. That's so not me.

38. I am generally a very happy and easygoing person.

39. I have a whole army of pajamas.

40. When I was younger, I had a perm, and it was really big. 

41. I'm bad at baking.

42. I'm bad at letting go of things.

43. As a model you need to be able to do the craziest things.

44. I certainly like working in Germany.

45. All German women are beautiful.

46. Every couple goes through things. 

47. I'm not quite that difficult, even though maybe I'm a little bit bossy. But you know, in order to get things done, you do have to be a little bit bossy sometimes or tell people what you really want. Otherwise, things just don't get done, do they?

48. I'm quite scared of flying, and especially helicopters, I don't like them at all.

49. If you are talented, you can really do anything. And if your heart is at the right place and you have the passion for it, you can go for it and do it.

50. I wanted to be a fashion designer.

51. I have a normal life and I have this glamorous life, but to me it's two different things.

52. I'm quite good at multitasking, but I have to do things immediately.

53. I don't think I could not have been with an artist of some kind, someone creative.

54. I always did feel beautiful when I was pregnant, but I do feel more me when I'm my normal size.

55. I don't know why we work, my husband and I. We just do. We are black and white - yin and yang.

56. I'm a lioness. I have four cubs. I'm a mom. I want to take care of my kids and protect them.

57. For the longest time, you just sound like a broken record, but you have to be consistent when teaching kids.

58. I think you always need to try your best, but at the same time you can only do what you can do, and you don't need to beat yourself up about it.

59. I'm not white-picket-fence perfect.

60. I was the little sister that was annoying.

61. I know a lot of celebrities who are perfectly happy to put their name to something and then leave it at that because the money is good, but I need to have complete control over how something is going to look if my name is going to be attached to it.

62. I like doing small parts, because I don't feel I'm that practiced in acting. It's like making baby steps towards a bigger goal.

63. I like to wear things for longer than one season.

64. My motto is to go wild on the accessories - the belts, the hair clips, the jewelery.

65. I have always been too round to do fashion shows.

66. Some people are born skinny, and that's just the way it is. You can't point a finger at them and say they're ill or anorexic. It isn't fair to people born that way.

67. I am into comedy. 

68. You never know why something works or doesn't.

69. I'm not someone who plays hard to get.

70. I'm like a rocket - I go a hundred miles per hour.

71. I'm very lucky. As I get a lot of role because of my name as a model and I probably wouldn't have got them without it. You have to make the best of your situation.

72. Michael J. Fox is a great, sexy, funny, short man. I had so much fun on that show ("Spin City" (1996)). There was this scene where we were lying in bed together after sex. But instead of having a cigarette, I start yodeling, because I'm German, see? He kept making me laugh, we were cracking up.

73. Going blonde is like buying yourself a light bulb!

74. I believe that when you put a smile out there, you get a smile back.

75. When I came to America, I was really into all the things people eat here. . . . People called me Muffin because I would eat muffins all the time.

76. Well, I was already so happy being chosen to do the issue itself, that when I got on the cover, it was even more of a surprise and even more amazing to me.

77. I go and train with a personal trainer.

78. There's many more things I want to do.

79. People always starve themselves, and then they get hungry, and then they eat the wrong things, like chips or cookies or whatever they can grab.

80. I represent more the healthy, happy, curvy, strong woman. And that sounds much healthier to me than being 80 pounds and skinny as a bean.

81. And I've been overseas to Bali, the Maldives, Hong Kong, Australia, which are all major long flights, all in one year. And then I go to Europe a lot.

82. Sometimes I travel twice a week by plane.

83. We start early in the morning with hair and makeup. It depends what time of the year it is. In the summertime we start at 5:30 in the morning.

84. There's all different types of models, and there're also plus models as well. But the majority is skinny. And it's controlled by the fashion industry.

85. You should spend your money on some nice lingerie. Big wool cotton pants, that just doesn't work. You have to feel sexy.

86. My career never suffered from my not being skinny. I never did catwalk work because I was always too big. I couldn't get the clothes over my hips.

87. We tried baby food for, like a month, ... But now she eats whatever I eat. At least she's eating better things than macaroni and cheese.

88. I'm lucky. Sometimes I even forget I'm pregnant. And then, boom! I get a kick in the stomach!

89. Nothing sexy about pregnancy.

90. We were very proud of ourselves for "Project Runway." It just shows that even if you don't have a big budget - but you have a great concept and you have great people on the show - you can still be a success and get an Emmy nomination! So we said: "You know what, let's just throw our own little party."

91. If you worked really hard before and don't go too crazy, you shouldn't have to work as hard afterward (to lose the baby weight)

92. One of our greatest moments so far was when Leni kissed her little brother many times on the head.

93. I don't really care if they like me or not.

94. I think it's really nice to have a documentary-style show where talented people are actually doing something. It's not just some stupid show where people blend up worms.

95. The only possible position for sex is doggy-style, and quite frankly, a supermodel's goal is to remain on top as long as she can, so that's out of the question.

96. If we can bring attention to NCCRA through fashion, that's something I'm proud to do.

97. You have to play tricks for the TV.

98. Maybe he listened to what we'd been telling him.

99. Santino, we respect your creativity but we didn't see enough of you in this collection, I'm sorry, you're out.

100. We believe that you are the next great American designer.

101. We like to go out and do, just the two of us, romantic things. Sometimes you have to do something just for the two of you.

102. I asked David to get me ready for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show after I had Henry. He's tough and knows how to whip me into shape!

103. I try to be a good role model I am a very healthy person and I can't speak for people when they have certain issues.

104. I was determined to experience the birth, and I am so scared at the thought of having my abdomen cut open. So I was lucky that the birth went very smoothly.

105. I threw a party for them, and afterward we told them that they have to make an outfit from whatever they were wearing that night. For some of them, it was very sentimental.

106. They lost their favorite leather jacket, or they lost their favorite pair of jeans. I'm very proud of that (challenge). I came up with that myself.

107. I think between 40 and 50, you just have to give it your all. You just have to do it all. You're still somewhat young. When you turn 50, that's when we're getting a little more settled, more quiet.

108. You know, I wouldn't change anything. If I had to go back in time and say: "I should have changed this or that" No, I don't resent anything that ever happened.

109. When I first met Seal he had a kindness and compassion that was so sincere I knew he'd be a good father. Bit it wasn't until Leni was born and we had out three other children that I grasped what a great dad he is. He has infinite amounts of love and patience for our kids. He puts me and the children first.

110. During my 15 years in the business, I've received so many questions on a variety of topics from my favorite toothbrush to juggling family and a busy work schedule. Im bringing in the experts that have helped me over the years to help inspire you. Women are looking for content that speaks to every part of their lives. Right now, advice seems so scattered online. I have created a place on AOL thats really one-stop-shopping: for women as moms, wives, workers, friends and their most creative selves.

111. All good things have to come to an end. I will always love Victoria's Secret, its been an absolutely amazing time.

112. I enjoy what I do, I think when you like what you do, you do it with a smile on your face. If you don't like what you do, you should stop it and do something else. I think thats why I get a lot of things done. I like what I do. I like designing, I like shooting, I love finding new designers. I like all of it.

113. My skin care routine is very easy, I wash my face religiously. When you wear a lot of make-up like I do it's so important to really, super-clean your face so your pores are open.

114. I have had many hair nightmares. But it's very easy for someone with long hair, you just put it in a bun or put a cute hat on.

115. I don't relax and I don't unwind...I have three children that couldn't care less that I just had a baby. You don't relax when you have four children at home that all want your attention, and it's your duty as a mother to give it to them. My time to relax is when I'm sleeping!

116. I'm not someone who eats salad and chicken...I have a lot of heads around the table and if there's not variety they get bored. I mean sometimes I have two to three things to serve and my daughter will be like: "That's it, Mommy?" So it's fish one day, goulash the next day, spaghetti Bolognese, then schnitzel. I cook a lot.

117. In this job an illusion of beauty is sold which doesn’t really exist like that. It’s like a work of art, an act. I cry in front of the camera but am not really sad. I’ve just come from a job, am made-up and made to look beautiful with fantastic clothes and hair and nails all done.

118. When I saw him, I was like, wow! He is different and so tall and dark and just handsome. I saw the package - and I mean the whole package, literally. I was like: "That is a man."

119. I know a lot of people talk about Seal's bicycle shorts, but it is the truth! That is what he was wearing the first time I met him and I was overwhelmed.

120. I just think if you have an emotion and you let that go that moment might pass. If you don't open the door for the person to come in, it would have just been like: "Nice to meet you - goodbye." 

121. My parents were free about nudity, and we are too. I’d like our children to feel unashamed of whatever shape they are. People should worry about other things. 

122. We went somewhere very nice for dinner - it was very good but I can't tell you exactly what we did. It would be too naughty and you can’t run it anyway. It would just be bloop bleep bloop bloop bleep. But it was a very good first date. (on her first date with Seal)

123. Sexy for me is a curvy woman - doesn't have to be skinny, which I hate anyway. I'm glad (the fashion industry) is changing slowly a little bit now to get more into the boobs and hips again. 

124. I think that everybody is beautiful in his or her own way. If you smile a lot and are confident, then you are a gorgeous person. I don't know whether my looks come from God. I'm not really religious. I don't really know what I am. I'm just trying to be a good person. I am who I am.

125. I have a woman's body: I have hips, I have boobs, I have a butt. There is nothing I can change about those things even if I lose weight. You have to learn to accept your body and like your body. But, it's true, when I started modeling people were always telling me that I had to change. They told me to cut my hair because long hair is not versatile enough. And they gave me this stuff to put in my water. They said: "Drink this and then you won't be so hungry, dah-dee-dah-dee-dah..." I said: "OK, great," but I never took any of it. 

126. I think that you have to do whatever feels good for you. As a woman, you should feel glamorous, beautiful and confident. You should be unique. For me, if something doesn't move you in that direction, then why do it? I have considered doing Playboy. I have had offers on the table many times. But then, it has to work the way I want it to. I mean, I have no problem being naked at all - I come from a place where I am used to running around naked. But you still have to feel confident and beautiful about it, and I had a checklist of how I wanted certain things and they wanted other things, so in the end, we didn't agree. 

127. I jumped into the water with 45 sharks without a cage in the Bahamas for a Discovery Channel show. That was a really good experience. I'm not saying that everyone should swim with sharks, but sometimes you have to jump over your own shadow in order to learn something that you will never forget for the rest of your life. Then you know you can conquer your fears.

128. People in the business always say: "You look fabulous." You get that all the time and it kind of goes in one ear and out the other because most of the time they just say that to make you feel good. It's nice when you hear it from an ordinary person and then I appreciate it.

129. I'm a very driven person. I'm always going after my goals. You just get up in the morning and kick yourself in the butt. I'd like to show people that they can have that same drive to go where they want to go. It's up to you and not to anybody else. 

130. If you love what you do, you can balance and you can juggle (work and family). You have to set your priorities straight. You can't just work, work, work. Because then all of a sudden, you don't have a family...then why did you work so much when you're all by yourself in the end? So for me, I always wanted to have a family, for me that was the most important thing, and I found a man that wanted to have that with me.

131. (In America) people are a little bit more scared to show their bodies. I grew up different. Nudity was a common thing. We went camping on nude beaches in Italy. When my parents were still sleeping, I'd just go outside and run to the beach without anything on.

132. My philosophy is that, in life, you have to want something. If you just say "la-la-la" and go through life without a goal, nothing will happen.

133. I know from people I work with, that people say "I want to have Heidi’s career," and my friends are like: "but she also works very hard." It's the truth! It's not as if I sit back and watch things fly onto my plate. I went for a lot of the things. (Success) doesn't happen by waiting for things to happen because there are other people who are hungry. The early bird catches a worm.

134. I don't think it makes a difference if you have children or you don't have children. I think it's all in the head about how you feel and, I don't know, I always like to be active and work out and eat right and just be active so I never see it as, oh when you're a mom you can't be sexy or you cant be in lingerie anymore looking good.

135. A size zero? I've never heard of that. That didn't exist when I was growing up. When did that start? What does it mean? It means a person is not there, no? It makes no sense. 

136. Modeling is a job. For girls who want to be successful it's not something they should approach lightly. You should be professional, show up on time, prepare, and earn your money. Girls should also be aware of what they're expected to do at a photo shoot in terms of nudity, since there is often that kind of pressure - especially when you're just starting out and trying to make your mark. I also tell them they have to get a thicker skin. You have to handle criticism. All that stuff. A lot of people are looking at you and judging you. That's the nature of the job.

137. I always treated modeling as a business and I've always been very organized. From the very start, I would keep clippings of my magazine spreads and ask my agency to find out where my photo shoots were being published. I also think I had an advantage in that I was more centered and wasn't into partying and living the high life. I had fun, but I was reasonable about it! 

138. You can’t look at Hollywood and blame it, you have to make up your own mind whether you want to be fit, or super skinny. You can’t blame other people. It’s your own choice and if you have children, it is up to the parent to educate your children so they are healthy and they don’t go into a direction of anorexia or obesity. It is up to you as a parent, it is hard to feed children right. I deal with it on a daily basis; it is much harder to make sure they eat right.

139. Nowadays children look at everyone in the magazines and they want to be a basketball star or on a television show, but there is only so many people who can do those things and not that you shouldn’t aim or dream for these things, but there are so many other fantastic jobs. So it’s good to talk about how to get there and how difficult it is to get there.

140. If we don't take that time (to be romantic), then it's karate, then it's ballet, and then there's Christmas, and then my husband is flying off to tour around the world.

141. Models have a sell-by date. There are certain jobs I don't do anymore, like the young, sexy, cute things for teenagers, or even 25-year-old girls. I go in a different bracket now. 

142. Because of my job, I learned to be confident a little earlier than most. People pick you apart when you're in the public eye - you're wearing the wrong shoes or you have ugly nail polish on or they're wondering if you got your boobs done - so you have to be a strong person right away. 

143. I've never gone on a diet to lose weight. I have taken a few things out of my diet, like pasta and white bread, which are not so necessary for the body. Right now I'm looking at apple strudel and brownies with whipped cream. Do I want to eat all that? Yes. I've been wanting it all day but I'm not going to do it. I'll have something else.

144. I am not that person who walks in a room with my nose in the sky. I smile at people when I meet them, and I like photos of me when I'm smiling because they show my personality. I am always trying to have fun.

145. My mom gave me a lot of advice. I would say the biggest advice is to always have fun. Treat people well, have respect for everybody and, therefore, you will be respected. Have fun in your life!

146. I learned from working in the fashion world that if I have a day when I feel slapped in the face, or if someone has been mean, I just have to get back up and it will be another day. I think about what I'm grateful for. I look at my kids and my husband and think: "Wow, I'm a really lucky person".

147. I was too curvy and too busty and a little too short. And I was a little bit self-conscious about it. But I was by no means heavy, I just - well, you have hips and boobs, and that's it. Haute couture, you don't really see girls with big boobs. And I always wanted first to be a model. So I had to say: "OK, you're going to find other things to do in this industry, or it's maybe not my industry."

148. I feel like I’m in the eye of the tornado. It’s emotions inside of your body that are a tornado. And then the outside world doing all this craziness - with you wanting it or not wanting it - is another tornado. But as hard as it is, so is life. And sometimes I think a curveball just comes at you. Instead of something straight that you catch, it hits you in the head from the side that you didn’t expect.

149. Sophia Loren once said "beauty is in the eye of the beheld" and I couldn’t agree more. Shine isn’t about something that we see, it’s about the way it makes us feel - playful, sensual and radiant. I realize I’m lucky and that I have so much happiness in my life. My fragrance, Shine, is to be worn by all women who embrace life.

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