Katy Perry's Ballot Dress For Obama

Katy Perry has creatively (and definitely bodly!) expressed her support to Barack Obama


In detail, Perry went big dressing up as a literal ballot at last night's Obama campaign rally in Las Vegas.

Performing for a crowd of 13,000 Obama supporters at Las Vegas' Doolittle Park, Perry showed her support for the president in a tight white dress with black writing. At the top it read "President of the United States" with each nominee and his running mate listed below. The Obama/Biden ticket was checked off !

It has to be mentioned that this is Perry's second Obama performance this month, having appeared at the "30 Days to Victory" concert on October 7 with the likes of Bon Jovi and Stevie Wonder. But this one took the cake for the wardrobe choice alone - never before have we witnessed political style taken so literally.

What do you think of Katy Perry's fashion statement? Do you like her dress and her message?

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  1. Well, glad to hear of the support for Barack Obama. But at the same time some support is needed for Borrock Sobama too -

    "The waiter introduced him with not a little drama,
    “Allow me to present Senator Borrock Sobama!”
    - from "The Adventures of George"


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