Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lil Kim Ghostwriter

In January 2012 Charlie Baltimore did an interview on Shade 45 where she insisted she writes all of Lil Kim's rhymes. In another part of the interview, Baltimore accused Lil Kim of not writing her own raps.

A former member of the Queen Bee’s entourage is now stating he is Lil Kim’s ghostwriter. Antonio Walker has come out in support of Baltimore’s claims. Walker recently posted photos of a contract allegedly drawn up between Queen Bee Entertainment and himself. Walker revealed he penned a number of Lil Kim’s biggest hits. Walker made the decision to come forward with his story after having not been paid for any of his contributions.

It has to be noted that there was a song on Lil Kim’s 2005 album: "The Naked Truth", which addressed rumors she didn’t write her own material. The name of the track was "Shut Up B***h."

Singer Khia attacked Lil Kim on Twitter in June 2012, mocking her alleged addiction to plastic surgery and her "ghostwritten" material.

As of yet, no word from Lil Kim or her camp. If Walker's claims are false, hope he has a brilliant lawyer.

What do you think of it? Does Lil Kim write her own material or not?

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