Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Marcia Cross Plastic Surgery

American television actress Marcia Cross, best known for her roles as Dr. Kimberly Shaw on Fox soap opera "Melrose Place" (1992–1997) and Bree Van de Kamp on the ABC comedy-drama series "Desperate Housewives" (2004–2012), is rumored to have had plastic surgery to turn back the hands of time.

Cross, 51, is speculated to have had had botox injections, fillers, eye lift, nose job and lip injections.

Marcia's forehead has not any wrinkles and is a bit frozen, a sign of too many botox injections. She also has a toned, smooth, tight, flawless and wrinkle free facial skin, where it is very hard to find an aging sign or frown on her face. Her face is shiny despite her age, with some people claiming that she now has a mask-like face from overuse of botox and fillers

Her eyebrows are highly curved with a distinct lack of creases, under eye bags, excess skin on her lids or crow's feet around her eyes, an indication of an eye lift.

According to some plastic surgeons, her lips seem plumped, but she doesn't come any close to the dreaded "trout pout" of some celebrities at her age

Some celebrity watchers claim that her nose is much more pointed now than before and as a result the shape of her nose has been changed. 

On the other hand, Marcia Cross denies having any kind of plastic surgery procedure, claiming that her flawless complexion is the result of top quality skincare products. Marcia is actually a huge fan of the face cream, Creme De La Mer, which she applies on her face every morning and night. (the cream's retail price starts at $130 for the smallest pot and goes up to a mind boggling $1,390.)

"I'm religious about removing makeup and wearing sunscreen. Also, any time a new beauty treatment comes out, we all joke on set that we have to try it - we say we'll do anything as long as it doesn't involve a knife! I'd never say no to surgery in the future, because I feel like, as I get older, I'm going to face temptation more," Marcia Cross was quoted as saying.

The question is: "What plastic surgeons believe about Marcia Cross' plastic surgery?"

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr Jennifer Walden revealed: "Marcia Cross is the poster child for Botox. She is a beautiful woman, but at times she can look somewhat "frozen", especially in her forehead and glabella areas. It is apparent that skin care is extremely important to the television star. Anytime she is photographed outdoors she always covers her skin in long sleeves and large hats. Ms. Cross has said in interviews that she keeps her skin young and flawless by staying out of the sun's harmful rays. I would agree with that, but think injectables, Botox and a good skin care regimen also help her achieve the "flawless" look."

New York based plastic surgeon, Dr David Shafer agrees, claiming: "Marcia Cross definitely looks Botoxed. She also appears to have a lip plumper. Neither one is bad - she looks nice."

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills, California explained: "Marcia Cross looks great. It appears she may have had some Botox as her face is completely line free. I do not see evidence of other work. She is a naturally beautiful woman and I would not change a thing."

What do you think? Did Marcia Cross have plastic surgery?

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