Amy Childs Boob Job

English reality television participant Amy Childs is rumored to have had a boob job to improve her appearance.

Childs, 22, is no stranger to plastic surgery. In fact, she loves going under the knife in order to increase her confidence.

In 2012, Childs revealed the bad side to her boob job, claiming that five years ago she was in danger when the operation went wrong. 

Amy, who had her second boob job in June of 2012, encountered serious issues when one of her boobs dropped after an implant flipped round.

Amy explained that she could have been in danger as she didn't even know that the implant had turned:

"I had a boob job five years ago but they dropped and I then found that it was because it had flipped over and I didn't know, It was really dangerous but it can happen," Amy stated at her jewellery launch on Wednesday.

Childs had her first boob job when she was 18, going from an A cup to a D cup, but faced problems with the first procedure.

The reason why Childs has had a second boob job in 2012, going up to a DD, was that her original implants had shrunk.

"I had my boobs redone in June after they really dropped. Having another boob job is the best thing that I have ever done," Childs exclaimed.

"I am so glad that I've had it done because it means that I don't have to wear a bra. I went from a 32 C to a 32DD," Childs gushed.

Amy also opened up to New! magazine about her boob job: "I couldn't wash for a week. That was horrible. I had trouble sleeping - I had to sleep on my back and couldn't move. I just had to have total rest."

"I feel so much more confident now. It bl**dy hurt but they were so worth it!" Childs admitted.

Childs added of why she made the decision to have her second boob job in less than four years: "OMG, they were so saggy. People were saying they were fine but they didn't see what I was like without a bra. I would wear a lot of padding. I had padding in everything - my bras, bikinis. Now I don't need it."

According to Amy's doctor, the reason her boobs had begun to sag was because they had "flipped" inside her.

Amy explained: "After the operation the surgeon told me that my old implants had actually flipped inside me.They had turned so they were more at the bottom and leaving lots of empty skin."

Childs told Now magazine: "I'll probably have another boob job after I have kids, but I'm happy with my figure at the minute. I had my boobs done because they were tiny - I went from an AA to a D. It's lovely to not have to wear dresses with padding. I think I've got another 20 years before I get any more surgery!"

The plastic surgeon who performed Amy Child's boob job was Mr Michael Payne.

Childs was so excited that right after she left his clinic she wrote on twitter: "Thank you to@hospitalgroupuk especially Dr Michael Payne and the best 2 nurses who have looked after me Betty and Elaine."

But according to New York plastic surgeon Dr. Elliot Jacobs: "Her implants are already too large for her frame. If she were to exchange her implants for even larger ones, they will only increase the weight and she will stretch out and drop that much quicker."

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