Jessica Alba Nose Job

American actress and model Jessica Alba is rumored to have had a nose job to improve her appearance. 


Alba, 32, once revealed she didn't like her nose, so there was possibility she has got her nose done back in 2006.


Alba insists that she hates going under the plastic surgeon's knife, but was pushed into getting a nose job to compete with her Hollywood peers.

Alba revealed to Britain's GQ magazine: "I hate the idea of trying to freeze time. I believe in growing old as nature intended and, if the movie roles dry up as a result, then so be it."

"Though I was talking to my girlfriend about this and I was beginning to think I need a nose job to be like everyone else. It's nuts how many nose jobs are going on here (Hollywood) at the moment," Alba explained. 


When Alba appeared at ALMA awards and attended Joe Francis' birthday in 2006, people noticed her nose appeared pinched and weird. Her old nose was wider but now looks narrowed. Still no one can tell for sure if Jessica had a nose job.


If Alba did have a nose job, the result appears natural, but it was definitely unnecessary as she is a natural beauty.


What do you think? Did Jessica Alba have a nose job?

Photo credit: REX

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