Taylor Dayne Plastic Surgery

American pop singer-songwriter Taylor Dayne (real name: Leslie Wunderman), best known for her debut single "Tell It to My Heart", has reportedly had plastic surgery to turn back the hands of time.  

Dayne, 51, admitted to having gone under the knife and opened up about her plastic surgery regrets. 

"I would make very different decisions - hell yeah I wouldn't have had things done," Dayne told The Sunday Telegraph.

"I've had Botox, a nose job, an eye-lift, fillers, and my boobs done. I'm honest about it; I look too different from when I was in my 20s, so it's pointless to deny it," Dayne admitted.

"But I am older now and have realized it is more important to be healthy on the inside and be fit and look after yourself," Dayne continued.

"If you exercise and eat well and are positive in mind and body that makes a big difference to how you feel and look," Dayne revealed.

While being candid about her plastic surgery, she wants to protect her image: "Cosmetic surgery makes me feel younger," Dayne stated.

"I used to think: "I want my legs to look like Cindy Crawford's" but now I am smart enough to know that I can't achieve that," Dayne claimed.

"But I do know I can do a damn good job at making them as great as I can. I now know that as you age things will fall," Dayne noted.

"Of course I want to stay looking fresh, but I also want a real face and I want to look like me. I do think now: "Why did I have those things done?" I want to have a natural body," Dayne concluded.

The truth is that Taylor Dayne has gone too far with plastic surgery. Her nose and lips especially look unnatural and bizarre. Too bad her plastic surgery can't be reversed.

What do you think of Taylor Dayne's plastic surgery?

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