Nikki Cox Surgery

American actress Nikki Cox, best known for her roles on the television series "Unhappily Ever After", "Las Vegas" and "Nikki", is rumored to have gone under the surgeon's knife to improve her appearance.

Cox, 34, is speculated to have had botox injections, lip implants, cheek implants, breast implants and some believe she had a facelift as well.

Judging by the before and after photos, her breasts are now bigger and pushed up a bit (not because of a push-up bra), an indication of breast implants.

Nikki's lips appear much bigger, fuller - and in fact gigantic - as she recently sported a super-sized trout pout. Her upper lip was reduced and the lower one was augmented, giving her an unnatural and weird look. The sad thing is that her already small nose and eyes seem even smaller. No doubt her lips are way too big in proportion to the rest of her facial features.

Some celebrity watchers believe that Cox had an eye lift because her eyes seem smaller and overly tight.

Her cheek look plumped, an indication of cheek implants.

Nikki doesn't have many aging signs around her face and her forehead is very shiny, a sign of botox injections.

According to reports, Cox got breast implants early in her career, a well-executed boob job that suited her frame. Around 2005, she began experimenting with botox injections and facial fillers, which was fine until she made the bad decision to have drastic, evasive surgery (with, unfortunately, permanent results) in 2008. Nikki got lip fillers and had a lip enhancement... 

According to Star magazine, a plastic surgeon claims that Nikki possibly had fat injections added to her cheeks and three to four injections of a filler to her lips

 "Her lips are way, way overdone…This is not a good look for her," a plastic surgeon quoted by Star magazine stated.

"Her cheeks seem to puff out," the surgeon noted, then adding they could be the result of fat from the tummy area being injected into her face.

NYC celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorillo, who has not treated Cox, told celebrity website "She definitely appears to have gotten some sort of filler in her cheeks and lips, which could be either Perlane or Restylane."

"Injectables always look best on a person when they are not noticeable, not when everyone can tell that the person had work done!" Dr. Fiorillo explained.

Despite Nikki overindulging with injectables, Dr. Fiorillo doesn't think she's had more invasive plastic surgery such as a facelift.

"It may look like she has because it is overdone, but in my opinion I do not think she went under the knife," Dr. Fiorillo added.

Nikki Cox was once a natural beauty before she began to mess around with plastic surgery. Sadly, she now looks like a cartoon character and she can be added to the list of celebrities whose career has ended by getting bad plastic surgery.

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