Priyanka Chopra Surgery

Indian film actress, singer and songwriter Priyanka Chopra, best known for winning the Femina Miss India World and Miss World titles of 2000 and her film career in Bollywood movies since, is rumored to have undergone surgery to improve her appearance.  

Chopra, 30, is estimated to have had a nose job and lip injections.

Judging by the before and after photos, Priyanka has changed a lot. Her old nose was wider, rounder and bigger while now appears thinner, more narrowed and refined, an indication of a well-executed nose job as the result is very subtle.

Her lips appear fuller and almost painfully enlarged, an indication of lip injections. In fact, she is rumored to have had lip injections twice.

Although pictures never lie, Chopra denies having any work done.

"So far, I have never felt the need for any enhancement surgery. What I have is what I have been blessed with. People had a lot of issues about the fact that I was dusky and not a conventional-looking heroine. But I still got the opportunities I did," Chopra claimed.

 "Grooming is a very important part of any girl's life. In the early days, I did not even know how to apply make-up. Over the years, with the help of various teams, I have worked on a vision of me and there are things that I could change in the process. This is true of most heroines. You learn to take care of yourself," Chopra continued.

 "I am not against plastic surgery. If it helps build self-esteem, I don't think there is anything wrong with it. But if it becomes an obsession, that can be a problem. For me, I got confidence from my films doing well. Through this profession, I came to understand myself better. So, it hurts when people judge or crucify me on imaginary counts. I have looked different at different ages because I have worked on my look. I love myself the way I am," Chopra was quoted as saying.

Chopra also stated during an event: "I believe in cosmetic surgery. I'm not judgmental about anybody's individual choices. But if you can make yourself look better to feel better, I don't think there's anything bad in it. Cosmetic surgery only becomes wrong when it becomes a disease."

What do you think? Did Priyanka Chopra have surgery?

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