Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rick Springfield Surgery

Australian musician, singer-songwriter and actor Rick Springfield (real name: Richard Lewis Springthorpe), best known for portraying Dr. Noah Drake on the daytime drama "General Hospital" and his  No. 1 hit with "Jessie's Girl" in 1981, has reportedly had surgery to maintain his youthful looks.

Springfield, 63, admitted to having bad plastic surgery when he was 24, because he feared he was losing his teenage fan base. He returned home for a secret nip and tuck and still can't believe a doctor Down Under agreed to tamper with his youthful appearance.

Springfield was quoted as saying: "He did my eyes, underneath my eyes…I'd been forced into this teen magazine thing and all the guys there were, like, 16, 17…and my depression's talking to me, saying: "You don't look as young as these guys." I was desperate and I went to Australia and…I went to this doctor with my clear, unblemished 24-year-old face and I said: "Can you make me look younger?" And he goes: "I think I can help you!""

"I actually thought it was worse after he was done…It was painful mentally; I woke up from the anaesthetic and I walked, struggled to the bathroom and looked in on it….They didn't tell me anything about what to expect (and) I looked like I'd gone six rounds with (Mike) Tyson…I was freaked out," Springfield added.

Judging by the before and after pictures, it is obvious that Springfield got a facelift and eye lift as he doesn't have any wrinkles around his face and his skin seem too smooth. His eyes have changed shape and look lifeless and sunken in. There is no expression on his eyes and face as he turned himself into a wax figure

Some celebrity watchers claim that Springfield hasn't learned yet from his mistakes as he keeps on getting plastic surgery and in fact filler treatments and botox injections.

Springfield made a huge mistake as he didn't check out his doctor's work and obviously didn't get into detail concerning the procedures he was about to perform on his face. He was not thinking clearly as he was in so much worry to turn back the hands of time for life! Of course now he regrets it, but he could not turn back time…

Conclusion: No doubt that Rick Springfield went overboard with surgery and he has now become one of the many plastic surgery disasters in Hollywood.

What do you think of Rick Springfield's surgery?

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