Thursday, July 11, 2013

Donna Mills Plastic Surgery

American actress and producer Donna Mills, best known for her nine-year tenure as Abby Cunningham on the primetime soap opera "Knots Landing" and for her role as Clint Eastwood's girlfriend "Tobie" in the cult film "Play Misty for Me", is rumored to have had plastic surgery to turn back the hands of time.

Mills, 72, is speculated to have had a facelift, laser treatments, botox injections, filler injections, lip injections and an eyelid surgery.

Judging by the before and after pictures, Mills' skin and jawline is still tight enough for a woman her age, an indication of a facelift and laser treatments.

Donna's skin looks refreshed, youthful and smooth without many wrinkles around her face, a possible sign of botox and filler injections.

Mill's lips appear thick and full, a sign of lip injections.

Plastic surgeons believe that Mills had an eyelid surgery on both her upper and lower lids.

Celebrity watchers suspect that Mills has visited many times the plastic surgeon's office.

On the other hand, Mills denies having any kind of plastic surgery.

Mills revealed to OK! about Hollywood plastic surgery: "I think there's too much. I think a little bit here and there is good but when they keep going and going and going, it's just not a good idea. It just gets to look like (plastic surgery). Like Joan Rivers kids about it. There are others who have done it who can't kid about it."

As for aging Hollywood celebrities who go under the plastic surgeon's knife Mills was quoted as saying: "I wish that they wouldn't because you can't look 20 again and you shouldn't and if you try it, it just looks wrong."

It has to be noted that Mills portrayed a character based on Jocelyn Wildenstein - the "Cat Woman", famous for her excessive plastic surgery - on "Nip/Tuck".

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn said of Donna Mills plastic surgery: "She's aging very gracefully…but, I suspect, with a little help from plastic surgery."

"Her face is smooth and wrinkle free, the possible result of a combination of well-performed Botox injections, filler injections, and laser treatments. There is barely a wrinkle on her 71-year-old face!" Dr. Youn continued.

"Women in their seventh decade of life do not typically look this young without the help of a plastic surgeon," Dr. Youn noted.

"I suspect that she's undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries, including a facelift to tighten her lower face and jawline, upper and lower eyelid lifts, and possible fat injections," Dr. Youn added.

Conclusion: Donna Mills is still wonderful and absolutely stunning at her age as she appears natural-looking despite all her plastic surgeries

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