Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before Age 25

We all know that in Hollywood the pressure is too high for celebrities to remain forever young. Here is a list of celebrities who had entered the vain world of celebrity plastic surgery.

1. Michael Jackson: The late "King of Pop" represented celebrity plastic surgery for years and he began early having multiple plastic surgeries at 21! 

According to Jackson's biographer, J. Randy Taraborrelli, the iconic performer underwent his first corrective surgery, a nose job, in 1979 after breaking his nose while dancing. 

The procedure was only partly successful and subsequently led to breathing problems, so he underwent a second rhinoplasty in 1980. Many more operations followed; his mother Katherine Jackson admitted after his tragic passing that Michael was addicted to plastic surgery.

2. Janet Jackson: Janet admitted to having a nose job as a teenager, but denied going under the plastic surgeon's knife when she shed 60 pounds in 2006.

3. Britney Spears: According to the February 2008 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Britney was allowed to get a boob job as a teen, but later had them removed. However, the "Princess of Pop" has never commented on the report.

4. Pamela Anderson: The former "Baywatch babe" popular for her big boobs first made them bigger in 1989 at the tender age of 22. She has admitted to having several enlargement and reduction plastic surgeries over the years. Her biggest breasts so far have been 36DD!

5. Bristol Palin: The former "Dancing with the Stars" alum and political daughter caused a stir after her previously round face suddenly seemed significantly thinner! Bristol revealed to US Weekly she succumbed to plastic surgery in December 2010, when she was 20. "

I had corrective jaw surgery. Yes, it improved the way I look, but this surgery was necessary for medical reasons so my jaw and teeth could properly realign. I don't obsess over my face," Bristol was quoted as saying.

6. Heidi Montag: Montag is the poster child for young Hollywood plastic surgery gone wrong. In 2010, at the age of 23, Heidi shocked the world when she was featured on the cover of People magazine after having undergone ten plastic surgery operations, including a boob job, liposuction on her stomach and thighs, a brow lift and a nose revision. Recently, Montag claimed: "I lived and I learned - and I wouldn't really recommend it for other people."

7. Amanda Bynes: The troubled former "Nickelodeon" star, now 27, revealed in May on her twitter page that she had had a nose job. While Amanda didn't clarify when she had the operation, Amanda wrote: "In Touch (magazine) used a picture from years ago on their cover and I hate it! The reason I've asked all magazines and blogs to stop using old photos of me is I don't look like that anymore! I had a nose job to remove skin that was like a webbing in between my eyes. I wasn't going to tell anyone, but I look so much prettier in my new photos!"

8. Ashlee Simpson: Ashlee first denied she had a rhinoplasty in 2006, when she was only 22 years old, but eventually confessed to undergoing a nose job to remove a small bump. Ashlee explained to US Weekly: "I was never really unhappy with how I looked, (and) I don't think I am more beautiful than I was (before). I just see the same old goofy girl I see every day."

8. Tori Spelling: In an interview with "Good Morning America", the former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star revealed she regretted getting breast implants when she was young - because it later worried her as a breastfeeding mother.

 "Well, I got my boobs done in my early 20's and if I had known it would or could possibly impact production of milk, I would never had had them done," Spelling admitted.

9. Ashley Tisdale: The "High School Musical" star "fessed up to going under the knife when she was 22 years old, but claimed it wasn't for cosmetic purposes. In 2007, she had a nose job to "repair a deviated septum," Ashley was quoted as saying.

10. Farrah Abraham: The former "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham showed off the results of her latest plastic surgery for In Touch magazine recently. Abraham stated she underwent a second boob job three days after her 22nd birthday, going from a C-cup to a D-cup and replacing her saline implants with silicone ones. 

This is the fourth time Abraham has gone under the plastic surgeon's knife in less than three years. Farrah has spent almost $30,000 on a nose job, chin implant and two breast surgeries according to In Touch magazine. "I want to look my best. And I'm looking amazing," Farrah said proudly of her plastic surgeries.

11. Denise Richards: Charlie Sheen's ex wife revealed to US Weekly about her awful experience with a youthful boob job. "When I was 19, a doctor put in bigger implants than what I asked for. I was in such a hurry to get them that I didn't research my doctor," Richards admitted, adding: "I just thought because they're a plastic surgeon, they must be good."

Denise also has claimed: "At 19 when I first got my breasts done, I wish that I was confident enough with my body to not have had surgery."

12. Jenny McCarthy: McCarthy has stated she was "too young" when she got her boob job at the tender age of 19. "Me and my friends found a doctor in Arizona that cost about $1,500 to get our boobs done - because they didn't use anesthesia and I didn't know it," Jenny revealed to WENN.

13. Courtney Stodden: Stodden, 18, had a boob job in June that took her from a C-cup to double Ds! Courtney, whose previous claim to stardom was getting married with actor Doug Hutchison in 2011 when she was 16 and he was 51 (they made an appearance on VH1's "Couples Therapy") even posted a video online documenting her plastic surgery operation. The short film ends with Stodden's bandages being taken off, as she, her husband and her doctor examine her new breasts!

14. Kimberly Stewart: In an interview with Now Magazine, Kimberly revealed her famous father, Rod Stewart, was supportive of her when she had a boob job at 18 - and even more supportive when she made the decision to have them removed in 2005. Kimberly signed and framed her silicone implants for pal Jack Osbourne as a joke!

15. Kourtney Kardashian: When she was 22, Kourtney got a boob job to go from a B-cup to a C-cup. "It was so dumb…I just got the idea in my head one day, and that was that. There was no talking me out of it," Kourtney explained to US Weekly.

16. Adrianne Curry: When the "America's Next Top Model" winner was 24 in November 2006, Adrianne got plastic surgery to fix what she called embarrassingly "assymetrical breasts". The model, who also starred on "My Fair Brady" with her husband, Brady Bunch actor Christopher Knight, revealed that after a miscarriage, one of her boobs grew larger than the other, causing a two inch difference in size. She claimed that breast implants eliminated the problem. 

17. Kellie Pickler: "American Idol season 5" contestant Kellie Pickler was the southern girl-next-door type, but after the show, she has really transformed! Pickler was rumored to have had a boob job and her bust boost was so apparent that "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest heavily hinted at it when she returned as a guest performer on the show. And then - "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell was quoted as saying: "It's like she'd gone to Dolly Parton school or something. I've never seen anything like it in my life."

18. Jennifer Aniston: Aniston appeared on "Inside the Actor's Studio" and acknowledged she broke her nose when she was a teen after a baseball hit her in the face. The former "Friends" star intelligently then admitted plastic surgery to host James Lipton by simply admitting that her nose wasn't broken anymore!

19. Jenelle Evans: The "Teen Mom 2" star, who is in a heap of legal trouble, got breast implants last spring when she was just 20 years old. Jenelle happily wrote on twitter: "was a B is now a full C" and flaunted her new look in a pink Victoria's Secret bikini. But Evans who has talked about her body issues on the show also insisted via her twitter page that she "wouldn't do any other kind of form of plastic surgery."

20. Jenni "JWoww" Farley: The "Jersey Shore" star admitted to getting a breast enlargement when she was 21 - but she denied having cosmetically changed her face. Still, JWoww, aka Jennifer Farley, now 27, revealed in 2011: "I'll probably get Botox by the time I'm 30. And have my breast implants redone in a few years after I've had kids."

21. Dianna Agron: When she was age 25 in 2011, the "Glee" star admitted to David Letterman she had already had plastic surgery done on her nose after getting it broken twice, once while she was in high school and the second time while on tour with "Glee". A doctor told her she had a deviated septum due to the incidents. "It's fixed now," Dianna explained to Letterman.

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