Monday, October 7, 2013

Julie Christie Dating

Julie Christie is a British actress, best known for "Doctor Zhivago", "Fahrenheit 451", "Far from the Madding Crowd", "Petulia", "McCabe & Mrs. Miller", "Don't Look Now", "Heaven Can Wait", "Afterglow and "Away from Her". Wanna know who dated Julie? Let us examine Julie Christie's dating history below...  

unknown date
Julie Christie dated Omar Sharif. 

Julie Christie dated Terence Stamp.

1962 - 1967
Julie Christie dated lithographer and art teacher Don Bessant. The two were engaged in 1965.

1967 - 1974
Julie Christie dated Warren Beatty. They dated for several years but never tied the knot.

Julie Christie dated Brian Eno.

1979 - Present.
Julie Christie is dating Manchester Guardian columnist Duncan Campbell. In November 2007, the two were secretly married in Assam, India. News of the wedding was announced by Julie's brother Clive Christie in late January 2008. They don't have children.

What do you think of Julie Christie's dating history?

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